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Bulk SMS: Mass Text Messaging for Businesses

The popularity of mobile phone engagement and text marketing has been on the rise for the past ten to twelve years. However, there are many businesses who assume that mass texting, also referred to as bulk SMS messaging, is dead but what they don’t realize is that SMS is still very much vibrant and kicking. It helps businesses to interact with their existing customers and prospects on a more personal level while providing them with the most affordable and simplest marketing tools. Unlike the web, print, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels, mass SMS messaging is pretty much immediate and requires almost no obstacles to float your information across the targeted audience of customers.

It’s estimated that by the year 2020, around 70 percent of the world’s population will own a smartphone (that is every 7 in 10 people on earth). Considering these statistics, it seems very clear for any business to make themselves more mobile-friendly if they want to keep tabs on this growing community.

What is business text messaging?

Business text messaging simply includes the use of a memorable five or six-digit SMS shortcode, executed through mobile or an SMS broadcaster machine, for a two-way marketing message. It’s primarily used for marketing campaigns, promotions, and lead generation purposes. The shortcode is simple and makes it easy for consumers to recognize your company, brand, or service. Sending high volume text messages is also super easy with these shortcode SMS messages. Using SMS long number, on the other hand, is usually cheap when compared to shortcode texting for your marketing campaigns but people cannot easily remember them since long numbers can be either up to the length of a standard phone number or up to 16 digits.

The major benefit of SMS blast or bulk texting is its ability to broaden your customer reach with minimal effort and budget. Not that you will be getting the important information across your existing customers but also you’ll be able to request other people to opt-in to your bulk SMS messaging list and be the one to receive your promotions and other marketing SMSes, ultimately enhancing your sales and improving your overall customer experience.

The objective of mass text messaging

Marketing with SMS has 98 percent open and read rate and 90 percent of the recipients read an SMS message within five seconds. Considering that much high readability chances, mass text messaging encompasses a great marketing potential for public sector companies, commercial brands, as well as, B2B and B2C environments.

Your business can use mass text messaging for many purposes, such as to promote your products and services, deliver urgent alerts to your consumers, and improve customer support engagement, among others. It is a targeted advertising or promotional platform which can generate immense leads and help in your business growth through high return on investment (ROI) – however, these benefits are possible and attainable if the marketing messages you’re distributing to your audience are concise, value-added, and contain a clear CTA (call to action). Make sure to give your customers the liberty to opt-in and out of your service offering. This will not only make sure that you’re sending your promotions to only interested people who wanted to receive your messages but also you’ll do away with disruptive text messaging.

Sending mass text messages to your consumers

If you want to adopt mass text messaging for your business and don’t know how to put that to work for your business, read our previous article here. If you’re aware of the ways to use mass texting for your business, then SMSBroadcaster.Com has you covered with a range of solutions to your promotional needs with the latest and revolutionary technology. Get in touch with us through the Contact Us section at the top right of this page to get more information and buy the right bulk SMS messaging machine for you.

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