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How to Put Bulk Text Messaging to Work for Your Local Small Business

SMS marketing makes a great pair with small local businesses. Local businesses usually regret the fact that they have limited advertising revenue and think that advertising is a strategy most suitable for larger businesses only. However, text message marketing, also known as the short message service or Bulk Text Messaging, being one of the most cost-effective modern marketing channels, makes it easy for small scale businesses to connect with a targeted consumer audience in so effective way that they can even beat the big players in the industry.

Though small and large businesses alike can take advantage of bulk SMS messaging, it’s more efficient for certain businesses – such as, restaurants can use it to produce a quick response and bring in new customers by sending out exclusive restaurant offers, new customers only promotions, student deals, and text to win contests, to name a few. If you’re looking for ways you can benefit from bulk text messaging, below are some easy ways you can use it to better connect with your customers, which will ultimately grow your net earnings and profits.

Building a List of Consumers for Your Text Message Marketing

The recent estimates show that there are 80% of adults who connect with the internet use their smartphones to do so while more than 90% of them read every SMS message they receive. What that use of SMS marketing services means is the huge potential for an interested and captive audience for your business.

In some parts of the world, like in the United States, there are, however, anti-spam rules and regulations that see it as an illegal activity to approach someone through text messages without their consent. While this may seem like a barrier, think about using adversity as an opportunity to build a powerful and effective text list. Therefore it’s recommended that you should always allow consumers to opt-in in order to get your SMS marketing messages so that you've a focused list of contacts who also want your promotional messages.

Crafting Concise Messages and Distributing them at the Best Times

Once you have created a text marketing list, the next step is to deliver your promotions to the prospects. You can get help by investing in an SMS machine to blast SMS messages. When crafting your messages, however, it’s critical to create concise messages with a strong call to action (CTA). The problem with the long texts is either your targeted audience of people may ignore those message completely or may not read the entire thing you want to convey. Making your marketing messages concise makes them powerful as they are straight to the point and contain information that’s valuable for your list of consumers. Brief messages alone can’t do the job for you unless they include a CTA that urges them to take action and help increase your return on investment (ROI).

Perfect timing is another thing which plays a big part to make any kind of SMS marketing program to succeed. Now developing good timing is never an easy task. You’ll learn it by paying special attention to the trends and patterns your customers usually tend to shop. For example, fashion retailers might notice their consumers being out shopping on Saturday mornings which can give them an idea about sending a well-timed bulk SMS promotion.

Being always marketing and top of mind

Have you been to a mall or a place and received SMS ads? You will notice that as you walk into some shopping store, your phone gets an alert for exclusive advertising. This is referred to as proactive mobile marketing which is easy with Hitech Terminal, a revolutionary and advanced SMS ads technology by SMSBroadcaster.Com that can send promotional messages to people up to 2 kilometers, within or out of your store. This also helps in being top of mind and asking customers to opt-in to your bulk SMS marketing list when they walk into your store for the first time

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