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Change Management Abm For A Better Growth

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The goal of activity-based management is to increase customer value and the benefits that flow from that value by concentrating management's attention on various activities. With ABM, a business can assess the price and value of a process activity to find opportunities (to improve its competitive position) and boost process effectiveness (process improvement). Therefore, it is very important for you to implement Change Management Abm in your company.

Information from management accounting can be used to evaluate performance requirements for manufacturing and service businesses as well as identify and solve problems. If the demand for management accounting information results in the development of activity-based management, the information will be more accurate and pertinent (ABM).

What Is The Concept Of Change Management?

change management ABM

Various changes that can occur in an institution or business, whether in terms of goals, procedures, or facilities, can be controlled for their effects with a change management ABM.

The goal of change management is to put strategies in place for bringing about change, managing change, and assisting people in adapting to change.

In this business era that moves and changes rapidly, change management is one of the keys that must be addressed by a company that wants to keep striving based on the capital of the team in it. With this system or concept, the team becomes much more flexible and easier to perform the various tasks assigned to them.

What Are The Four Stages Of Change Management?

To help you understand more deeply what ABM change management is and how to implement it properly in your management system, then you can see the 4 stages or steps that we have summarized below. These 4 stages or steps are steps you can take to bring about a better and more effective system change.

1. Make Sure Every Stakeholders Understand The Vision

In change management, the vision or goal to be achieved is one of the most important things that you must pay attention to, because this is the basis of the changes that occur. All stakeholders involved in the management system, from the lowest to the highest levels, must really understand this vision so that changes can be carried out properly and change management can run according to expectations.

The participation of all stakeholders in this change is the main thing that must be sought in the first stage of implementing change. If this is not fulfilled properly and there are still many stakeholders who do not understand the new vision to be achieved, then the changes will not go well.

2. Create A Supportive Community

The changes that occur will certainly feel uncomfortable, and sometimes even difficult. If you go through it alone, this change may be hard. Therefore, to be able to support each stakeholder to be able to survive in this change, a community or team can be created that is mutually supportive and works hand in hand in dealing with various changes and adaptation processes that occur.

With this supportive community as well, ABM's change management will be easier to do because all members can learn from each other and be inspired by one another. Members who have succeeded in the process and are on track to reach a new vision can also support members who are still struggling by providing various assistance and encouragement needed.

3. Set A Clear Key Indicators for Change Management ABM

To be able to get a clear standard regarding what can be a reference for whether members have succeeded in adapting to change or not, appropriate and detailed key indicators can be created.

Not only as a standard reference for member assessments, but this metrics chart can be a help for these members to get clearer insight on what to expect from them from this change process, and finally formulate their own way to achieve these key metrics. In addition, these key metrics can also be a system that helps the managers or leaders in the team to be able to evaluate the performance of members and also as a standard for giving appreciation, even bonuses.

4. Sharing Inspiring Success

After you can determine and evaluate which members can be said to be successful in implementing this change management, then you can give them a platform to share the process of achieving their success. Platforms such as webinars or training where they are present as speakers in order to help other members to be inspired.

This was a brief discussion about change management abm, if you want to know more about business or management tips, you can check out other articles on our website.

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