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Command Now Amazon Alexa and Send Text Messages

Finally, customers are allowed to send messages with Amazon Alexa. Amazon announced at the end of January that its Alexa devices would use an impressive and coolest message feature. This update entitles Alexa users to send text messages via their voice commands. However, it is currently restricted to using the United States only. It will hopefully not be long until global markets have been rolling this.

Well, before that, it was possible to send texts to the selected numbers with the help of SMS sender device or the use of IFTTT (If this then that), but that was a problem and it required that you set IFTTT recipes for every number. In fact, this new Alexa feature can send the message without any kind of message about. And importantly, it can only be possible if you are living in the United States and using an Android 5.0 phone or later.

Amazon has also advertised that they have no plans to extend this feature to iOS, so you are out of luck when you own an iPhone. The primary reason is that Apple does not give third parties its Messaging API. However, here is how you set up SMS with Alexa if you're having a phone running Android 5.0 or later.

Setting Up SMS with Alexa

First of all, open an Alexa application and click on a conversation tab. Right after clicking on it, you will see a pop-up that will explain all the features of SMS, and in case you don’t see a pop-up, get your Alexa app updated with immediate effects.

Go to “My Profile” now at the bottom. You can, however, access your profile by clicking on the icon of contacts which is placed in the upper right corner. Open the profile now and find permissions and then allow the Send SMS option. That’s it! You are all set to send and view messages on your Alexa application.

Now on your Alexa Echo Dot, Alexa Echo, Alexa Echo Spot and Echo Plus device, you have set up the text for text voice text messages. You can use different commands to send messages such as:

  • Alexa, send a message

  • Alexa, send a text message to XYZ (for instance)

You can also command like “Alexa, send an SMS” or “Alexa, send an SMS to XYZ” for instance. All these commands will enable you to send a single text message to a person or dictate – but be mindful that, you wouldn’t be able to send an SMS group message or any kind of MMS. However, if you need to send a single text message to a decent number of people simultaneously, SMS broadcaster machine has got you covered.

Setting Up SMS with IFTTT

IFTT is configured to send Google Home and Alexa text messages. But it's restricted to Android phones only. You must also join the connection so that it is helpful only to people who frequently communicate.

Setting up IFTTT isn't really difficult, but you should keep in mind that all text messages are sent with your Google Home from the primary account holder phone number.

Download IFTTT application, install it and create an account. Select now “My Applets Tab” and + Symbol to create a new Applet. Scroll down now and find Google Assistant. Select the "Say a text Ingredient Phrase" option. You can also set up other ways to say it. Choose now +that and then Android SMS and choose “Send an SMS”. Enter the recipient’s number you want to send an SMS to, including country code and now select the “Tick”. That’s it! Interestingly, IFTTT can also be used to send SMS from your Alexa Assistant.

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