Command Now Amazon Alexa and Send Text Messages

Finally, customers are allowed to send messages with Amazon Alexa. Amazon announced at the end of January that its Alexa devices would use an impressive and coolest message feature. This update entitles Alexa users to send text messages via their voice commands. However, it is currently restricted to using the United States only. It will hopefully not be long until global markets have been rolling this.

Well, before that, it was possible to send texts to the selected numbers with the help of SMS sender device or the use of IFTTT (If this then that), but that was a problem and it required that you set IFTTT recipes for every number. In fact, this new Alexa feature can send the message without any kind of message about. And importantly, it can only be possible if you are living in the United States and using an Android 5.0 phone or later.

Amazon has also advertised that they have no plans to extend this feature to iOS, so you are out of luck when you own an iPhone. The primary reason is that Apple does not give third parties its Messaging API. However, here is how you set up SMS with Alexa if you're having a phone running Android 5.0 or later.