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Get to Know Some of The Digital Entrepreneur Examples

Knowing digital entrepreneur examples is one way to start your entrepreneurship. The idea of making money and income from any place in this world, even when you sleep is really delightful. Before your best scenario, you need to study many possibilities of those situations.

Keep your worries at home because nowadays there is lots of information about digital entrepreneurship. And here we provide and support you with brief information about the digital entrepreneur examples and other information regarding them.

What is A Digital Entrepreneur?

Digital entrepreneurs basically create business by using the internet as a marketplace. An example of online marketplace is e-commerce, Youtube channel, blogs, and many more. Shortly, you don’t require a physical space to do business.

Who Are Digital Entrepreneurs?

Digital entrepreneurs are those who are working on online business and entrepreneurship. While most businesses are moving into digital, few people are already digitizing their business. And now, we can name it digital entrepreneurs.

Let's start now and hope that will answer your question about “Who is an example of entrepreneur?”. Here is some of the digital entrepreneur examples that you should know:

1. Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond is a copywriter, master on web hosting and business consultations, and many more. He owns an agency and one of them is ClickDo. He also helps others to become digital entrepreneurs by mentoring them.

2. Byron White

Byron White is owner of Writer Access. Nowadays Writer Access is similar to marketplace and platforms, and Byron White is one of the first content marketing luminaries. He is also credited for other businesses such as Freelance Access, ideaLaunch and LifeTips.

3. Melanie Duncan.

Melanie Duncan used digital marketing for getting sales of their Greek apparel, and it worked. And she realized that with digital things, she could #workfromwherever. Nowadays, she is mentoring other people to start a business that she named “work of art”.

What Are 5 Examples of Entrepreneurship?

digital entrepreneur examples

Entrepreneurship focused on bigger things than money, although money and profit still matter. Here are 5 types and digital entrepreneur examples to make you understand this better:

1. Social Entrepreneurship

This type is focusing on solving social situations such as lack of education, food, and money. This type sometimes appears in non profit organizations. The goal is to make the world a better place.

The example is Seventh Generation that sells eco-friendly products that are really concerned about the environment. They donates 10% of pre-tax to community and business whose environment is focused.

2. Innovation Entrepreneurship

Same as the name, this type is rooted in new things, ideas, and inventions. This kind of type sometimes is ambitious to get their opportunity. The goal is to change the lives of people by new products and services.

The example is Tesla providing an automobile that is an electric car. By 2019, Tesla sold more than 300.000 units all over the world. And they still continue to make new things.

3. Big Business Entrepreneurship

Sometimes, when business gets larger, it starts to go slower. And as the big company, it starts to do entrepreneurship by snatching up the smaller company and also delegating the new innovation to the acquisition.

The example is when Disney purchased Pixar in 2006. Then it has proven that Pixar and Disney can be successful on blockbusters since the acquisition.

4. Small Business Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in small business is usually more old-fashioned but still works. It should be conservative in accounting. These small businesses are such local restaurants, small stores, laundry and many more.

The example is many local restaurants decided to put the cash into launching the stone that serves the community. Usually the hard working family will serve delicious meals every day. And some of that success will expand to other locations.

5. Scalable start-up Business Entrepreneurship

This type usually fits with the changes in the world. They hire highly skilled and professional people to run it. and they seek to disrupt the entire industry.

An example is Uber, the revolutionary taxi industry. Critics have been a lot in the beginning. But no one can deny that the company changes people live dramatically.

What Is The Work of A Digital Entrepreneur?

A digital entrepreneur harnesses the reach and the power of the internet to offer services and products for profit. They analyze the characteristics of the traditional entrepreneur, the new one and other things to gain more income. They do business and live the business.

Understanding digital entrepreneur examples will help you win challenges in the business world. You may face many obstacles when starting, running, and building the company. But, that’s normal as long as you are not quitting.

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