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Digital Marketing Metric Is The Important Measurement Tool For Successful Business

Digital Marketing Metric is values ​​for measuring or analyzing the success of a product marketing effort using digital marketing. Metrics are needed as a measure of the performance of a company. You are able to read what are the obstacles, achievements to other things related to your business marketing.

What Are Digital Marketing Metrics?

In the digital world of business there are various terms that must be known. Especially for those of you who are developing a business using digital marketing. One of them is Digital Marketing Metric.

Digital Marketing Metric is a collection of values ​​that serve to measure and track the success of marketing efforts using digital marketing.

Measurements are usually made using tools such as Google Analytics. The measurable metrics can be an indication or indicator of whether the digital marketing efforts that have been carried out have been successful so that you can determine the next strategy.

Digital marketing today can help you find popularity. However, it's not just popularity. If you can manage it well, your business will automatically be widely known and recommended.

Digital Marketing Metric
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What Are Good Digital Marketing Metrics?

Good Digital Marketing Metric have several categories which include:

1. Brand Awareness Metric

In today's social media, impressions and achievements are the most important metrics to measure brand awareness. You can also see how widely the content is created to be able to spread.

2. Engagement Metrics

Engagement metric serves to measure the interaction between the audience and digital marketing that is running.

3. Conversion Metric

Conversion metric is the number of actions of target consumers that are in accordance with the strategic goals of your business.

4. Revenue Metric

Revenue metric serves to analyze the success of product sales.

5. Website Traffic Metric

Website traffic metrics have the main focus on measuring the performance of website traffic as the center of your business activity.

Digital Marketing Metric Example

Here are some of the Digital Marketing Metric according to the website traffic:

1. Overall Traffic

Overall traffic is the total amount of traffic on the website. Both from direct traffic, paid search, affiliate, organic traffic, and so on.

To find out these metrics, you can use digital marketing tools such as Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, and others.

2. Channel Metric

The incoming traffic on your website comes from several sources or channels. Each channel contributes a lot of traffic or not.

Here are some types of channels that are a source of traffic:

  • Paid Search: This is traffic that comes from ads placed on Google pages.

  • Direct: Traffic that leads directly to the website because visitors type in your website URL.

  • Display: This traffic comes from display ads

  • Affiliates: This traffic comes from your affiliates using unique links

  • Other: Traffic from sources outside of Google's systems, such as social media, email, and more.

3. New vs Returning Visitor

Website visitors will be divided into two, namely new visitors and visitors who have come before. These two types will be distinguished based on the history of website visits.

4. Exit Rate

The Exit Rate shows the number of times visitors stop from one page to another until they leave the website.

Digital Marketing Metric
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What Are The 5 Marketing Metrics?

Metrics are the reason for any effective showcasing system, however most organizations neglect to utilize numerous significant measurements to ascertain a good outcome or disappointment. Marketers are in a constant cycle of change.

With more choices and marketing strategies, companies and marketers need to stay ahead of their competition. To help formulate an effective strategy, you must understand some important metrics.

Here are 5 Marketing Metrics:

  • Brand Awareness Metric

  • Website Traffic Metric

  • Engagement Metrics

  • Conversion Metric

  • Revenue Metric

What is KPI For Digital Marketing?

KPI For Digital Marketing is a measure that determines whether a marketing strategy that is implemented can help a brand to achieve predetermined business goals.

Although there are many things that can be monitored in a marketing campaign, KPIs are considered the most important thing to measure the success of a campaign.

Measuring KPIs is an important part of any Influencer Marketing strategy. Successful KPI measurement can have a big impact on ROI, which can increase it by 11 times.

Digital marketing metric will be an important factor because it can be used as an evaluation and benchmark for marketing activities.

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