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The Digitalization in Indonesia

Digitalization in the world has occurred since the advent of digital technology and various platforms that support this process. One of the countries that is experiencing massive digital change is Indonesia. Digitalization in Indonesia has been going on for years and is expected to be even more massive in the future.

Digitalization in Indonesia

Digitalization is all efforts or activities that remodel all arrangements of human life in various aspects to practice using technology assistance or digital platforms to facilitate human work.

This digitalization process is expected to make human life more efficient, faster, and easier when compared to using conventional or manual methods.

This digitalization phenomenon has already occurred and is spreading in all parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Digitalization in Indonesia
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Indonesia is a country with the third most population in the world which also occupies a very important role in the world of business and industry. No wonder, if there is a massive digitalization in Indonesia.

What Are Examples of Digitalization?

A real example that you can see in this digitalization process is the entry of the digital world into all aspects of human life, which ultimately makes human life easier, but also causes dependence.

In all aspects of life such as social, cultural, economic, health, or education, a lot of digitalization process done by making digital platforms and tools the main platform for all these aspects to take place.

The phenomenon of online school, online marketplace/ business, digital arts, digital social interaction, and so many more, is an example of digitalization which is certainly felt by all people.

This digitalization occurs in a very fast process. In the last few years alone, there have been hundreds of major inventions that have changed human life as a whole.

What Is Difference Between Digitalization And Digitization?

In short, digitalization is a process of entering the digital world in human life. While digitization is the conversion of various data into a necessary code so that the digitization process can run perfectly and effectively.

This code in the form of data will later be needed to program various things in the digital world.

So, it can be concluded that digitization is one aspect of digitalization. These two things are interrelated with each other and are able to make the digital world more and more developed and increasingly enter the realm of human life.

Digitization in Indonesia itself has progressed and developed compared to a few years ago. Currently, as the technological and digital industries become more and more advanced, this digitization process is happening more than ever.

What Is The Purpose of Digitalization?

Digitalization is a process with the main goal of moving human life as a whole. In the past, if human processes or activities were carried out manually, these various activities could take a very long time. Not only that, some things may not be possible at all if there is no digital world.

Since the advent of digitalization, humans can do things they never imagined could happen. For example, who would have thought that you would be able to shop by just tapping the screen and the goods would be directly brought to your home?

Or another concrete example is a video call which in ancient times was considered an impossible thing, but now it has become one of the most widely used inventions by humans and in the end also facilitates all human activities.

In Indonesia itself, digitalization also occurs to provide more welfare for its people. Indonesia, which is still classified as a developing country, still has many social problems. Digitalization in Indonesia can help the government to provide better services to its people.

Digitalization in Indonesia
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Is Digitalization A Technology?

Digitalization is not a necessity, another term for technology. Digitalization refers more to the process of using technology in human life.

Digitalization is an important process that changes human life as a whole. This process has brought various conveniences for humans and made humans able to do wonderful things.

Digitalization in Indonesia is also an important thing that must always be considered and developed so that people's lives can become more prosperous.

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