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Several IMEI Tracker Without App Recommendation

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Data leakage and cyber crime are one of the biggest threats currently being faced in the use of the digital world and also electronic devices. One tool where the risk of data leakage is very large is the use of the IMEI tracker app. Therefore, use a trusted IMEI tracker without app.

Track Phone with IMEI Number

Can I track a phone with an IMEI number? Yes, of course. IMEI number is one of the most frequently used things to detect the location of a phone. To be able to track the location of a phone using the IMEI number, you must use an IMEI tracker.

As the name implies, IMEI tracker is a tool used to track the location of an IMEI number. To use this alt, of course you must first know the IMEI number of the cell phone you want to track.

IMEI tracker can be in the form of software or an app, and also in the form of hardware such as a machine. Both types of IMEI trackers have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

However, it is recommended that you use an IMEI tracker without app, or use an IMEI tracker machine because it is safer from the possibility of data evasion. Data leakage or cyber crime is the biggest threat that you should be aware of when you use an IMEI tracker.

imei tracker without app

How Can I Track My Phone with IMEI Number for Free?

You can track an IMEI number for free in various ways in this era. One of the ways most people use it is to use an IMEI tracker app that offers free help.

This IMEI tracker app promises users the convenience of being able to accurately detect the location of an IMEI number. But of course, even though it's free, there's a hidden price that users of apps like this have to pay.

Although not all of them, there are many types of IMEI tracker apps that provide IMEI tracker detection services, but also steal data from these users. Not only that, some applications can't even detect the IMEI tracker and only trick users into absorbing their data.

For this reason, using an IMEI tracker without app is much more recommended. Usually, machine-based IMEI trackers or trusted IMEI tracker services have a much smaller probability of cyber attacks.

How Can I Track A Phone Without The App Knowing?

Actually, in all the methods you can use to track a phone, most of the apps on the cell phone won't know that the cell phone is being targeted.

IMEI trackers or other phone trackers will usually detect the location of the phone silently so that the owner of the cell phone will not know that their cellphone is being tracked by someone else.

Unless the cell phone has a detector or also a tracker blocker, then you can use the IMEI tracker without the cell phone owner knowing. However, this also means that someone else can detect your cell phone without you knowing it. Therefore, you can use a detector or blocker to protect your cell phone from IMEI tracker attacks.

imei tracker without app

How Do I Track Someone Using Their Phone Number on Google Maps?

On Google Maps, you can't detect the location of someone's cell phone just with their phone number. You can detect a person's location if that person actually shares their location with you with the live location or share location feature found on Google Maps.

So if you ask “How do I track someone on Google Maps without them knowing?”, the answer is you can’t. You can use other methods, but not with Google Maps.

To be able to track someone's location using their phone number, you must use a phone number tracker. Later, this new phone number tracker will tell you the location of the phone number you are tracking with a dot on Google Maps.

IMEI tracker without app is the recommended method if you want to detect the location of an IMEI tracker or also find a lost phone with an IMEI number. Using a machine-based IMEI tracker has a much lower probability of cyber-attacks, especially if the machine is your own.

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