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Know More About Business Development Digital Transformation

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Today, the digital world has entered all the realms of human life, especially the business world. Currently, there has been a business development digital transformation phenomenon that has changed the business world as a whole. This is obviously a life changing fenomena.

What Are The 4 Main Areas of Digital Transformation?

Many people might wonder "What are the key areas of digital transformation?". Well, there are actually a lot of areas where business transformation happened, but there are 4 main areas where it massively changed the business world.

The business world is a very flexible and always changing world, following social and technological developments in society. In the last few decades, the business world has begun to transform into a digital-centric industry and has begun to abandon old practices that have been in use for hundreds of years.

business development digital transformation

In this business development digital transformation phenomenon, there are many changes that occur in the business world, ranging from small to large changes. Every day, we may be able to witness changes that will eventually change the business world as a whole in the future.

These changes usually occur in 4 main aspects that are closely connected with the business world and also the digital and general world. Here are 4 main areas where digital transformation really happens massively:

  • Technology

  • Process

  • Data

  • Organizational change capability

When business digital transformation may have made thousands of changes in all aspects of life and also everything related to the business world, but these four main areas are the main places where digital business changes are really felt.

What is Digital Business Development?

To be able to understand the meaning of the digital business development or the business development digital transformation phenomenon, you have to understand what the keywords are. The main keywords that you could highlight are the word development and digital.

With those keywords, you can see that digital business development is an attempt to develop business practices as a whole with all stages of the process with the help of digital tools or platforms.

This development is carried out with the main objective of making practical business much more effective and also bringing more profit to the business, so that the value of the business increases.

What is Digital Business Transformation Company?

Digital business transformation in a company is actually the same as business transformation that occurs in other large or small businesses.

In business development by a company in the digital realm, the company will use an IT-based or advanced digital system that can make everything practical for the company much more effective and efficient.

The business development digital transformation that took place in this company became one of the aspects that changed the world economy as a whole. Changes in big companies will also create a dominant effect that changes other businesses around the world.

business development digital transformation

What Are The 6 Core Elements of Digital Transformation?

In order for a business development digital transformation to happen successfully, there are 6 core elements that must be considered by businesses when they implement development. Here are the 6 elements:

  • Experiences

  • Change

  • People

  • Innovation

  • Culture

  • Leadership

These 6 core elements are the 6 main pillars that will support business development digital transformation in order to generate growth for your business.

What Are The 3 Approaches of Digital Transformation?

To make digital business development successful and achieve your own business goals, you can do it using various approaches. There is no definite approach that is a definite formula for the success of the digital transformation of your business.

All aspects and processes of digital transformation will greatly determine the results you will achieve and also your business growth later when doing digital transformation.

However, to help you make the transformation towards a better business using digital tools more easily, there are several approaches that you can take. The following are the 3 approaches:

  • Wait for a proof of digital transformation success

  • Plan out your digital strategy well

  • Incremental delivery of digital skill

Business development digital transformation is a phenomenon that you cannot miss for your business. There are many benefits that you can get if you transform your business to be technological or digital based.

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