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Emergency Message System For Emergency Situation

Emergency message system is needed because of a person's need for security to avoid crime. Police Registration Data records that in recent years the number of incidents has increased. Everyone can experience an emergency situation.

What Is An Emergency Message?

Emergency Message is a message that is sent automatically and broadcast from your phone to your families in order to let them know your location when you are in an emergency.

How does emergency alert system work? The emergency message works by activating the emergency message feature on your cell phone, your cell phone will automatically send an emergency message to your relatives or to the police when you are in a panic and need immediate help.

Some phones do have an SOS emergency feature that can sound a notification, make an emergency call, and send an SOS emergency message and your last location to a trusted person or emergency contact.

How do I get emergency messages? This SOS emergency frequency feature can go a long way in saving time and saving life. Because it could be that even though you are bound to tell friends, family, or a partner you trust, when you are in a state of danger and panic

There is a high risk that we don't have much time, to open the cellphone, search and open WhatsApp, find the number of the person you know, type messages and share location directly. But by using Hitech Terminal 70, you can send 70 Character SMS with the speed up to 20.000 SMS/hour.

Emergency Message System
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Benefits of Emergency Message System

Emergency situations can happen to every person at an unexpected moment. This is why it is very important for you to prepare for this situation.

The benefits of using an Emergency message system are:

  • Help you to various locations directly from the smartphone app.

  • Give an alert of security to someone.

  • You can monitor a location that is considered vulnerable or unsafe.

  • When urgent, you can make an emergency call.

  • You can also send information about events in real time, for example when someone commits a crime.

No one can guarantee your safety on the road. Many victims do not survive accidents at night, when it is difficult to see where the victim is. Some of the factors that prevent victims from getting help quickly are the lack of ways to ask for help quickly and easily.

By using the SMS function provided by Hitech Terminal 70, it will send a short message containing a request for help and the user's location information. In addition, the features of Hitech Terminal 70 are:

  • This tools support 70 Character SMS and it has speed up to 20.000 SMS/hour

  • Equipped with Multiple Access

  • Support portable and car

  • Many more

The Android Apps for Emergency Messages

Emergency Message System
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In this modern era, an Android smartphone can help you deal with various emergency problems such as getting lost, accidents, meeting bad people, being followed by someone, or similar things that pose a threat to safety. Recommended apps:

1. BSafe - Personal Safety

This Android security app offers Fake Call, Stop Timer (a feature to let your friends know how long it will take you to arrive somewhere), and Follow Me which allows other people to follow you to find out where you are.

2. X-Igent Panic Button

This X-Igent Panic Button is equipped with an all-blue display that calms the soul. How do I get emergency alerts on my phone? When you activated the SOS in a messages

This application offers various features such as fake calls to deceive bad people who are trying to interact with us, extra noisy alarms to attract attention when in danger, and of course emergency calls to relatives.

3. Emergency Phone

In this application, you can find various emergency telephone numbers that you can call when you need help, such as when you have an accident or need police security assistance.

In summary, using the Android apps and the tool of Hitech Terminal 70 can support you when you are in an emergency situation. If you need to know the details of that tool, you can visit our website.

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