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Types of Location-based Advertising For The Company Promotional Strategy

Types of location-based advertising can see the fact that nowadays people cannot be separated from their mobile phones wherever they go. According to the statistics, more than 50% of mobile phone users are happy to give permission to the application on their phone to access their location via the GPS chip embedded in the phone.

What Are Location-Based Ads?

Advertising is all promotional messages for products or services that are conveyed through certain media.

In everyday life, you often encounter Types of location-based advertising in various forms and delivery media, from television, radio, newspapers, online media, billboards, and so on. But do you know about Location based advertising?

Location Based Advertising is a form of advertising that is based on the customer's current position. It provides advertising using geographic information on a device.

Based on this understanding, it can be interpreted that Location Based Advertising is two-way services and can be accessed using cellular devices that have GPS technology.

There is a tool to support the advertising based on location, you can try HT Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands. This tool has significant features such as:

  • Portable little broadcaster tools equipped with 4G SMS

  • Equipped with 2 GSM, it can send in the similar time and having 4 groups LTE

  • Able to send up to 10 tasks in the similar time

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  • Many more

Types of Location-based Advertising
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What Are The Four Types of Advertising?

An advertisement in order to attract the attention of the public or consumers must meet the elements of an advertisement. The elements of advertising contain many things that are very decisive as tips for success for promotion and attracting consumers.

Advertising also has a very diverse type. There are several types of advertising that are common or often encountered. For example, the Types of location-based advertising based on the media consists of four types, namely:

1. Print Media Advertising

Print ads are advertisements that are created and posted by printing. Usually this type of advertisement is often found in newspapers, leaflets, bulletins, magazines, newspapers, billboards, posters, stickers, and so on.

2. Electronic Advertising

This advertisement uses electronic media in the delivery and display of its advertisements. There are television advertisements, radio advertisements and outdoor advertisements such as advertisements on buses, taxis, terminals, stations that use electronic media.

For electronic advertising, HT Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands is a recommended broadcaster tool. For further details information, you can visit the website: smsbroadcaster.com

3. Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is a type of advertisement that is delivered through internet media. Internet advertising can be found on banner ads blogs, websites, social media, search engines, endorsement ads, and so on.

4. Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a type of advertisement whose media includes people who are outside the home. As for which includes examples of outdoor advertising, such as banner ads, billboard advertising, and so on.

Types of Location-based Advertising
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What Are Location-Based Marketing Tools?

Location-based marketing tools are a marketing strategy that uses the location of mobile devices provided by GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of targeted consumers to provide them with offers or promotion from businesses around the area, so they could go to see their product.

This strategy make companies allow to target customers individually according to their interest based on the information given by the tool. This tool can send messages that the business want to send to their customers.

After knowing this marketing strategy based on location, do you know what is the function of location based advertising? Well, here are some functions of location based advertising:

  • Real Time Communication

  • Promote products effectively

  • Provide information in real time

  • Persuade audiences in real time

One of the characteristics of advertising is the presence of a persuasive message. HT Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands supports sending messages containing 600 SMS characters. This broadcaster tool can persuade customers to try the advertised products and services.

In order to achieve your advertising targets, you need to create interesting advertising content. Because every customer is unique, they must have a sense of attraction to something that is different from one another. In conclusion, the digital marketing content you create must be able to be a solution for the needs of the potential customers.

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