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The Role of SMS Digital Marketing in Digital Customer Acquisition

SMS Digital Marketing is a product information service that is sent via SMS to its customers. SMS marketing can be used to gain more exposure for your business or company to increase sales percentage.

SMS Digital Marketing Functions

In this technological era, marketing a product no longer relies on physical posters for example or brochures, advertise on television and radio, or simply create an official website that displays the products of your business.

To improve your business sales graph, especially for those of you who are in the world of eCommerce, there is one more marketing strategy that you should not miss, namely SMS marketing.

Not only to offer special discounts or your latest products, SMS marketing can also do many other things, they are:

  • Payment confirmation

  • Notify delivery status

  • Asking for customer feedback

  • Direct service to customer complaints or questions.

SMS Digital Marketing
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The activities in this marketing strategy then indirectly make your relationship with the customer closer. If you need to find a tool platform for this marketing strategy, you can try Hitech Terminal Server Pro, the featured of this tool are:

  • Support the short messages service with 318 Characters

  • Has speed up to 20.000 SMS per hour with the radius up to 300m - 2km

  • Equipped with multiple access, multiple operator and multiple ARFCN

  • Completed with SMS Receiver Memory

  • Many more

What Makes SMS Digital Marketing More Effective?

There are several factors that make sms marketing more effective. This list will explain in more depth about the reason:

1. Everyone Has A Cell Phone

SMS is a feature of mobile phones, and it is still the leading form of communication. Mobile phones do provide other features such as chatting via messenger applications (Line, WA, etc.), email, and video calls.

But it is undeniable that there are still many SMS users, because SMS is one of the default features that all cell phones have.

2. Bridging The Gap

Although almost everyone today uses a smartphone (in fact many people have more than one smartphone), there are still some people who are more comfortable carrying a non-smartphone with them wherever they go.

If one of your customers falls into these types of categories, marketing strategies such as sending emails or displaying product discounts and promotions on the website are not enough. How to do the loyalty of this type of customer, it would be better if you use SMS to inform them of your product.

3. Drive Customer Response

The last factor that proves SMS marketing is an effective marketing strategy is the fact that it shows positive customer response.

According to statistics, customers are 6-8 times more likely to respond to a promotional message sent via your SMS with an action, than one you send via email.

Also, when it comes to links, 19% of people will click on a link sent via SMS rather than a link sent via email.

If you use Hitech Terminal Server Pro, you can make SMS marketing more effective, because this tool has a lot of best support for doing brand campaigns using digital marketing.

The Benefit of SMS Marketing

SMS Digital Marketing
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Since an SMS Digital Marketing strategy requires customers to express their interest and give consent, it can yield a number of benefits. The most attractive advantages of implementing an SMS marketing marketing strategy for businesses include:

1. Attract More Loyal Customers

SMS marketing can be used to promote offers, special discounts or vouchers, and also loyalty package to treat your loyal customers so they buy more products.

2. Fast-Effective Communication

SMS marketing also allows businesses and brands to send communications to their customers quickly and effectively.

3. Cost-Effective Tool

SMS can also be very cost effective. Depending on the SMS system the company uses, the costs for SMS marketing can be relatively low pricing when compared to other digital marketing approaches.

SMS marketing can be a very effective approach to reaching your target audience. By developing a clear message and creating a relationship with your customers, SMS marketing can help you increase your reach, sales and achieve your business goals.

In order to the effective tools by sending SMS, you can get free significant information by visiting our website.

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