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Take a Look at SMS Interceptor Github for Your Marketing Needs

Now SMS is not as popular as it used to be, but until now there are still many people who use every SMS. So we see that how to copy and how to intercept SMS is still very feasible to use. SMS Interceptor Github becomes a platform to intercept SMS.

What is SMS Interceptor Github?

SMS Interceptor Github is a cloud-based website and service for developers to store and manage code for short messages service interception, as well as document and control changes.

However, with today's technological sophistication, short messages that were previously considered safe without anyone knowing, now can be known by third parties. This can happen with the help of an apk which has to be installed on your or target phone.

If you want to find SMS Interceptor Github you can also try Hitech terminal enterprise expert. The features of this tool are:

  • It can broadcast to all kinds of networks/ Starting from 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G.

  • SMS that sent can contain up to 1200 characters.

  • Can be used to send SMS broadcasts to the whole world.

  • It is designed for casino, hotel and spa customers, this product is the most powerful SMS messaging device you can find on the market.

  • Using stand alone BTS technology, no more input ARFCN, No need Nokia or Android Phone to Find the Frequencies, because all works automatically.

  • Professional tools that can be used for professional needs even by the government.

SMS Interceptor Github
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Hitech terminal enterprise expert is the recommended tool that uses recent technology especially in advertising. It's able to send SMS in real time toward active mobile phones around you without any credit, and the radius of this tool can reach 500m even up to 2km to all operators.

The Benefits Using GitHub Platform

Currently, GitHub is becoming a trend among developers because of its functions that make work easier. This convenience is the main service of this product.

What's interesting about this platform is, we can post the results of our project/repo/source code for other users to see. Through these posts, we can get likes, suggestions, and can even modify them too. Here are some benefits using GitHub:

  • Github is one of the world's largest online repositories for collaborative work. With this platform, you can work together with colleagues from around the world to plan projects.

  • There are so many functions that can be used by developers, so that through this platform makes it easier for developers to develop a work.

In relation to SMS interceptor github, we need to know first about how to use GitHub. Here are the steps you need to follow to use GitHub.

  • Make an account

  • Verify email address

  • Complete your profile account

  • Start the project

  • Create new file

  • Socialize

SMS Interceptor Github
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SMS Tracking Application

Sending SMS is one way of communicating that is quite often done by mobile phone users, especially if the message to be conveyed is very short but very important. In addition to being efficient, the costs incurred are also relatively cheap.

But now technology has developed, sending messages through SMS is sometimes not safe. There are not only you and the recipient who know what the message is about. But there is a third party that can intercept your messages.

Wiretapping can be done using the IMSI Catcher tactic, which allows someone to intercept cell phone communications. There are lots of SMS and sender number tracking applications that can be used for various devices.

If you are in need, maybe you can consider some of the recommended SMS Interceptor apps and SMS Receiver Memory below:

1. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a service surveillance application where this application can monitor activity logs, such as SMS or phone number tracker.

Through the internet network from your smartphone, all activities such as SMS and calls will be recorded quickly and then uploaded to your Mobile Spy account. For the recording, you must log in to a personal account on the Mobile Spy website.

2. SMS Tracker

SMS tracker is one of the most complete mobile phone tapping applications. How to tap a cell phone with this application is also very easy.

You need to consider SMS tracking applications for safety reasons. Hitech terminal enterprise expert is recommended for you when you need to send many messages through SMS that can broadcast to all networks. Visit for detailed information.

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