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Know More About GSM Interceptor Equipment Here

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Wiretapping using a tool usually utilizes a technology called an interceptor. An interceptor works by capturing and processing signals detected by an active cell phone. GSM Interceptor Equipment is a tool used to conduct wiretapping, both landline, GSM, and CDMA calls.

What is GSM Interceptor?

There are two kinds of cell phone tapping technology. The first is wiretapping using certain tools, and the second is tapping using certain software. GSM Interceptor is wiretapping using a GSM provider.

It is also equipped with a Radio Frequency triangulation locator that functions to capture signals accurately.

Not only that, it is also equipped with a Digital Signal Processing software that makes processing algorithms fast and easy.

Thus, users of this tool can capture cellular signals, traffic and target specifications. So, this tool can intercept various conversations on cell phones whose signal is still caught within range.

Another way of tapping can be done through a spy software (spyware). Like a malicious program such as trojans and malware, spyware is able to track cell phone activity and send that information to third parties, in this case the eavesdropper.

GSM LTE Hitech Interceptor
Hitech Interceptor Device

In addition, if you try to find the tool to prevent interceptions of GSM Interceptor Equipment, you can try Hitech Phone Number Catcher. This tool has several features such as:

  • Equipped with 318 SMS Character

  • Has speed up to 20.000 SMS / hour

  • Has radius up to 300m - 2km

  • Support Multiple Access

  • Support Multiple Operator and ARFCN

  • Wi-Fi Built-in

  • Equipped with IMSI Catcher

  • Easy to use with Plug and play

  • 100% Free

  • Many more

How GSM Can Be Intercepted?

All communications by air, especially via cable can also be tapped. Interceptions through the GSM can be done very easily. The reason is, the encryption technology used is very standard, namely the GSM A51 network for 3G and GSM A52 for 2G.

In addition there are several methods of interception tools, namely:

  • Intercept the agreement of the provider (cooperation)

  • Intercept of providers without consent (non-cooperation)

  • Spy software

Using the GSM Interceptor Equipment monitoring system method means that the wiretapping is indeed done on the provider's side.

Thus, the eavesdropper must install the eavesdropper on the provider network. This overload method can be used widely. Wherever the target is, it can be tapped easily.

Meanwhile, the non-cooperation method is carried out without the installation of any equipment on the provider network. With this method, intercepts must be carried out at a certain distance from the target (for example, less than a few hundred meters).

GSM Interceptor Equipment used by many official government organization, such as:

  • The State Intelligence Agency (BIN)

  • TNI Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS)

  • The Police Intelligence Agency

  • The Attorney General's Office Intelligence

  • The Intelligence of Ministries or Institutions as well as law enforcement officers

  • And so many more

GSM Interceptor Equipment
Pict from Pinterest

If your cell phone is tapped, don't panic. There is a way to deal with a bugged cell phone that is easy to do yourself.

First, change the phone passcode, remove all social media accounts, then sign out any connection of Google account or Apple ID and sign out email installed on the phone.

What is Interceptor Device?

Interceptor device is the tool to monitor telephone and internet conversations by a third party. Interceptions of cell phones can be easily done with the use of the right device.

Microphones pick up sound, translating a person's voice into electronic waves that are transmitted using a wired or wireless connection. At the receiving device, the electronic waves are converted into sound.

There are various kinds of tapping tools that are sold and their functions. For example, a tapping device that can be tucked into clothes like buttons on a shirt. How to use it is easy. Just press the record button then position the camera in front.

Then the camera can directly record all activities that are emitted by the sensor light. This tool can record images and sound.

By tackling the process of interception someone can find out what the conversation on the phone is. Hitech Phone Number Catcher will be a great tool option to prevent interceptions. The priceof Hitech Phone Number Catcher is very affordable.

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