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In this modern era, SMS marketing is one of the most widely used promotional techniques and is also very popular among businesses and companies. This has led to the emergence of SMS marketing service providers that are available all over the world.

What is The Best SMS Marketing Service?

As previously mentioned, now there are many SMS marketing service providers available and you can choose according to your needs. In fact, there is no service provider that can be said to be the best among others, because all service providers actually have their own advantages and disadvantages in offering their services to the public.

All providers will usually have different packages and services, so if you are looking for an SMS marketing provider, then you have to match the SMS marketing technique you want to perform with that provider.

There is a provider that focuses on conveying information to as many people as possible around the world, so he created an international SMS broadcast service. However, there is also an SMS marketing service that focuses on targeting customers who match you, so messages are only delivered to people in your area.

However, if you really want to find the best service provider, you can look for a service provider that already has a good reputation and is also well known.

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What is The SMS Marketing?

So far, we have discussed about service providers that can give the best text message marketing for your business, but some of you may still not know what SMS marketing is.

SMS marketing is a term used to refer to a marketing technique that relies on text messages or SMS as the main media for promotion.

Actually, this marketing technique is the same as conventional marketing techniques by distributing posters or brochures, but the difference is that all information disseminated is done online via SMS.

Because all activities are carried out using SMS, finally this technique is named according to its practice, namely SMS marketing technique.

This technique has been used by many companies or businesses since decades after the use of letters has been replaced with SMS and the use of cell phones has increased.

What is The Cost of SMS Marketing?

Actually SMS marketing is one of the cheapest and most economical marketing techniques that doesn't cost you that much money. If you want to do SMS marketing, there are two ways you can do it, namely:

  • Using SMS marketing service providers to do all SMS marketing activities so you just have to pay for their services. In fact, there are several service providers that offer free service with some conditions.

  • Using SMS marketing machines such as Hitech Terminal Mini. This tool can detect phone numbers around you and send the message you want to send automatically to those numbers.

Is SMS Marketing Legal?

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SMS marketing is completely legal in all parts of the world. Almost all countries in the world certainly have many SMS marketing services of their own which are used to meet the needs of broadcast SMS for business people.

Even the same technique as SMS marketing has also been used by the government to send information to the public, but the difference is that what is sent is not promotion, but crucial information.

Even though it is completely legal, there are some rules that are implemented related to this SMS marketing. For example, in some countries there are rules on hours and days when SMS marketing is allowed, other than that time, SMS marketing is not allowed.

Recommended Tools to Perform SMS Marketing

One of the most recommended tools for you to implement SMS marketing techniques is Hitech Terminal Mini. As the name implies, this tool is a mini SMS broadcaster that can be carried everywhere and is very practical to use.

The following are some of the advantages of Hitech Terminal Mini that you should know:

- Can send messages to cell phones which are 300 m to 2 km from the device

- Can send 2000 sms per hour with 318 characters

- Built-in Wi-Fi

- Car support

- And many others

You can find this tool on our website, browse to find out more information about Hitech Terminal Mini.

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