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SMS Broadcaster Machine for Effective Advertising Method

SMS broadcaster Machine is a tool for sending SMS to a large number of people, usually containing product offers, promotions, notifications, campaigns, sms autovoter, etc.

What is Broadcast Message In SMS?

Broadcast message means a method of sending SMS to many numbers from one source/server with the same message content. Broadcast messages are usually sent in bulk form to many people.

This service is used by small, medium to large companies in interacting with their customers. With a variety of message content according to the needs of the company, the message that is sent usually are notifications, product service and product promotion information.

In this modern era, there is a SMS broadcaster Machine that supports broadcast messages easily up to 20,000 SMS / hour. The Hitech Terminal Fourfold Enterprise is a perfect SMS broadcast Machine to send many messages simultaneously.

How Do I Send A Broadcast Message Via SMS?

Promotion must be in a creative and innovative way in the digital era. Promotion done by sending SMS blaster to many people is a breakthrough in promoting product offers. There are many ways that you can use to send broadcast messages via SMS.

One of the best way is to use several applications that allow you to send SMS to a larger audience with your Android device, for example:

1. Multi SMS Sender

Multi SMS Sender is one of the platforms to send SMS that is very recommended for you who like organized data. This platform will give you comprehensive information about when exactly your recipient accepted your message.

2. Group Messaging

With this app, you can name and select your target contact group. This makes it easy to confirm that you're sending the right message to the right set of contacts.

SMS broadcaster Machine
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3. Bulk SMS Plans

Bulk SMS Plans is one of the most recommended platforms that you can use to send bulk SMS to your customer. This platform lets you send automatic messages to up to 50.000 recipients at the same time.

Not only that, it also has a lot of interactive and interesting features that you can use to promote your products or reach your customer even more via text messages.

If you don't want to bother installing all of the above applications, now there is a sophisticated machine that can send SMS in real time to active cell phones around you, called Hitech Terminal Fourfold Enterprise, you can find this machine at our website.

Hitech Terminal Fourfold Enterprise

Hitech Terminal Fourfold Enterprise has advanced SMS broadcaster Machine features such as:

  • Can send SMS up to 20.000 SMS/ hour with 400 characters of message.

  • Can spread the message to radius 300m-2km around it.

  • Portable with built in Wi-fi.

  • Multiple operators and ARFCN.

  • Can also be used as an IMEI and IMSI catcher.

  • Many more.

Hitech Terminal Fourfold Enterprise is the most advanced SMS broadcaster Machine as an advertising machine today that supports location-based broadcasters. This machine is able to send SMS in real time to active cell phones around you.

Hitech Terminal Fourfold Enterprise can automatically transmit SMS to the surroundings through a frequency of up to 300m and even up to 2km for all four operators simultaneously.

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What Is A Location-based Broadcaster?

A location-based broadcaster is a tool that spreads SMS to operator users who are in the certain locations or coordinates in real time. This means that the recipient of your SMS when receiving SMS is in the area of the location you have specified.

Broadcast SMS will be sent to the nearest cellphones within the radius of the machine without you having to know the cellphone number.

As mentioned before, one of the best location-based broadcasters that is very recommended is Hitech Terminal Fourfold Enterprise. Hitech Terminal Fourfold Enterprise can also be used for mobile by installing in the car so you can send SMS to an area that you are targeting while moving around.

Promotions or campaigns through SMS are still quite effective because they are personal and are directly received by the target recipient. Besides that, promotions through SMS are very fast in delivering information and have a wide reach.

In conclusion, by using Hitech Terminal Fourfold Enterprise, you can easily send SMS broadcasts whenever you need. It is a very effective advertising method for branding, outreach, or campaigns. Please check our website for further information about this SMS broadcaster Machine.

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