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Know More About Direction Finding Equipment

Using manual maps is an ancient and impractical way to find directions. Fortunately, now there are lots of direction finding equipment that you can use to help you find your way to your destination. Let's look at the following explanation to find out what the forms of these equipment are.

What is a Direction Finder Called?

One of the most widely used direction finding equipment and also best known by the public is the radio direction finder. As the name implies, this tool is a radio that serves to detect signals from a transmitter that is used to indicate the direction to the transmitter.

This radio is a tool that is often used in the world of aviation and shipping to help ships and planes find their way to their destination.

This tool has a very high accuracy, so it becomes a mainstay tool in various fields, not only in shipping and also in airplanes. The following are also some of the functions of this one direction finding equipment:

  • It is used as one of the main programs in the missile so that the missile will automatically reach its destination.

  • Used as a tool for search teams to search for accident victims or missing persons.

  • Help people to detect where the direction of the dangerous transmitter that can harm people.