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Know More About Direction Finding Equipment

Using manual maps is an ancient and impractical way to find directions. Fortunately, now there are lots of direction finding equipment that you can use to help you find your way to your destination. Let's look at the following explanation to find out what the forms of these equipment are.

What is a Direction Finder Called?

One of the most widely used direction finding equipment and also best known by the public is the radio direction finder. As the name implies, this tool is a radio that serves to detect signals from a transmitter that is used to indicate the direction to the transmitter.

This radio is a tool that is often used in the world of aviation and shipping to help ships and planes find their way to their destination.

This tool has a very high accuracy, so it becomes a mainstay tool in various fields, not only in shipping and also in airplanes. The following are also some of the functions of this one direction finding equipment:

  • It is used as one of the main programs in the missile so that the missile will automatically reach its destination.

  • Used as a tool for search teams to search for accident victims or missing persons.

  • Help people to detect where the direction of the dangerous transmitter that can harm people.

This radio direction finder relies on its antenna to detect and capture signals which will later be translated into a point or directions on the radio screen.

Direction Finding Equipment
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Which Antenna is Used for Direction Finding?

The antenna that is usually used to find direction is an antenna which is usually referred to as a direction finding antenna or shortened to DF antenna.

But if you have direction finding equipment, usually the tool already has its own antenna which is already installed automatically and is attached to the tool so that it can work properly.

If your device doesn't have an antenna, or you want to replace the antenna of your direction finding tool, you can purchase it separately. There are lots of people who provide antennas for direction finding, especially in online marketplaces.

When you are looking for an antenna, make sure you use the best antenna because this antenna will be the biggest determinant of direction finding equipment.

If the antenna you are using cannot detect the signal properly, then the device will not be able to detect the direction you want. Therefore, invest in a really good quality DF antenna.

What are The Methods Preferred for Direction Finding

When you are trying to find direction, there are actually a lot of methods that you can choose from and there is no clear benchmark which method is the best one you should use.

All types of methods usually have advantages and disadvantages of each and according to the needs of the person finding direction.

When you choose a direction finding method, you must first know that there are many different methods used for each activity.

Direction Finding Equipment
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For example, if you are using direction finding equipment to rescue other people, of course the method used will be different when compared to the direction finding method used by aircraft to reach the airport.

Therefore, you must first know which method suits your needs. However, there is one method that is the most famous and also the most used. This method is known as Single Channel direction finding.

In this method, only one receiver will be used which will save power consumption and also the required funds.

How Does a Direction Finder Work?

The way direction finding equipment works is actually very simple. This tool will detect the signal from the transmitter that is used as a signpost.

With the antenna, information about the detected signal will be forwarded to the receiver and later the receiver will process the data to be translated into directions. Usually, this tool also includes a screen to display the coordinates or directions to this transmitter.

You can make your own direction finding tool to help you find directions or to detect signal transmitters that are around you.

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