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Bulk SMS Server For Marketing Strategy

Bulk SMS server is the right choice to send messages to many consumers. It is usually used by companies for marketing. It has many benefits for the strategy of marketing communications. It can reach consumers with various types of mobile phones and providers.

What is Bulk SMS Server?

Bulk SMS server is a service tool for distributing messages in bulk which are usually sent to recipients with a cellular phone number. Bulk SMS can reach consumers with various types of mobile phones and providers.

If you need a SMS Server tool, Hitech terminal enterprise max will be a good choice for you. This Hitech terminal enterprise max has accompanied the underlying Jammer and 9 computers radio wires that can send most extreme speed to local 4G and 5G telephones with restricted reach as it were.

Hitech terminal enterprise max has several features:

  • Can send messages up to 20.000 SMS / hour

  • Can send 400 SMS Character

  • Can send messages with radius up to 300m - 2km

  • Has Multiple Access with Wi-Fi Built-in

  • Support Multiple Operator and Multiple ARFCN

  • Support sender name

  • 100% Free

  • Portable

  • Able for IMSI Catcher and IMEI Catcher

  • Car Support

  • Easy to use with Plug & Play

  • Come with the Built-in Jammer and 9 pcs Antennas

  • Many more

For another option you can buy Enterprise One and buy jammer separately, because with separate Jammer, Jammer can work more optimally by buying standalone power and moveable to target. For further detailed information you can visit our website.

Bulk SMS Server
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How Can I Send Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS server is very reliable and affordable for writing and sending SMS from your company using GSM based mobile technology. The most convenient programs provide a fast and efficient way to deliver bulk messages to individuals or groups in a short period of time.

If you want to send a single text message to multiple people on your contact list at once, you can copy and paste for each contact, but that can be quite time consuming.

Here's how to send bulk sms by using an application:

1. Bulk SMS Plans

Bulk SMS Plans is one of the most recommended apps that you can use to send SMS in bulk. This app is very easy to use and has been used by many people in the world.

By using this app, you can control the sms sender, templates and display of history reports. It additionally includes the flexibility for senders to feature tailor-made URLs and voice notes to their texts.

2. Bulk SMS Sender

This app is nice if you systematically send text to contacts in Excel. Bulk SMS Sender allows you to produce target teams and export them as Excel files, it can also contact from surpass or text files.

This app gives you the option to send your text instantly. But if you wish, you'll schedule the SMS for later by putting it on a scheduled auto-send.

Bulk SMS Server
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3. Numerical SMS Gateway Application

SMS sending service using the original number at the provider, where the Sender Identity appears on the SMS recipient's cell phone screen in the form of numbers, one-way SMS Bulk service with the sms sender.

The name of the sms sender can be customized with the name of the business, product, organization, school or other name as needed.

In addition, if you want to find the tool of Bulk SMS server, you can try Hitech terminal enterprise max. This server facilitates you to easily stay connected with employees, business partners, clients, family members, friends etc. Please visit www.smsbroadcaster.com for detailed information.

How Do I Set Up a Bulk SMS Server?

If you use a bulk sms application, the first thing that you have to do is to open the application of the bulk sms server installer and select the SMS Gateway feature and install it. After the installation is finished, you'll be able to directly open the application with the open button. When clicking on the open button, it starts running.

If you use Hitech terminal enterprise max, you can send bulk sms more easily. Hitech Terminal has a very advanced technology that can track cell phone numbers around them and also directly send messages to those numbers.

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