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The Brief History Evolution of Technology

Updated: Aug 7

During the history of its creation from several centuries ago, there have been so many evolutions of technology that have occurred. We can observe for ourselves how technology has changed drastically from several decades or even years ago.

Tools that a few years ago were considered revolutionary and very sophisticated, have now become bare tools used in everyday life and some have even been labeled as outdated. Check out various short discussions about the evolution of technology in this discussion.

When Was The Technological Evolution?

evolution of technology

No one can say and measure clearly, only one era is said to be the determinant of the evolution of technology, because this process is a process that is always running and it always happens all the time.

Some might argue that the true evolution of technology occurred when various tools appeared that drastically changed human life, such as wheel or rope technology, or when the light bulb was invented for the first time, or also when the airplane was first claimed.

But we know that these discoveries would not have been possible without previous discoveries which were closely related and contributed greatly to the creation of these various tools.

This interrelationship is what makes this evolution of technology does not have a clear answer on when it is exactly start to happen.

Why is Evolution of Technology Important?

We must have been able to observe for ourselves how human life is very dependent on various technological tools that I have used in our daily lives.

If at this time all human life was stripped of technological tools, surely human life would be chaotic and even unable to work. Therefore, technology, and especially the evolution of it, is a very important thing for humans.

The evolution of technology ensures we can always produce new tools that are much better, more sophisticated, and also support human life better than the previous tools. Not only that, the evolution of technology also causes humans to be able to do things that we never thought of before.

That is the reason why experts keep trying to create new technological tools that have never existed before. In the last few decades, we have just experienced the evolution of the digital era in technology.

We are experiencing the entry of the realm of human life into the digital world significantly, especially with the existence of the Metaverse world which was just launched some time ago.

The evolution of technology towards digital has been proven to open up more new abilities for humans and also various practicalities that we have never experienced before.

What Are The 7 Eras of Technology?

Although we cannot say when exactly the evolution is, we can categorize the process of evolution of this technology into 7 era groups. The following are the seven eras.

  • The Stone and Bronze Age (the core era when fire, language, weapons, writing, agriculture and simple transportation are invented or discovered by human)

  • The Iron Age (When early chemistry start being practiced)

  • Medieval (The concept of zero in math, sailing ships, steel weapons, etc)

  • Renaissance (Printing, hot air balloon, gun power, etc)

  • Industrial revolutions (The use of mass production that changes the whole world economy until this day)

  • The World Wars (More invention on powerful weapons, radios, airplanes, bombs, etc)

  • Modern Era (Where computers start invented and being used in daily life)

These 7 eras are the major eras in the timeline of evolution technology. This era is divided based on the discovery of the tools that are unique and different from other eras, giving birth to humans to a new phase of life.

Today, we have even been called to enter the 8th era, where we are starting to discover many things for outer space and also the ocean.

One of the breakthroughs that we have experienced recently can be experienced when humans have been able to create telescopes that capture the rays of stars and views of the solar system billions of light years away.

Evolution of technology will continue to occur as long as humans live on earth and are creative.

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