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Easy and Popular Technology Tips for Beginners

Technology can be quite challenging and confusing, especially for beginners. Sometimes there are still many of us who still find it difficult to operate or maintain our technology tools, even though we use them every day. Therefore, take a look at various discussions about popular technology tips that might help here.

There are lots of tips that you can follow to make it easier for you to operate your technology tool or maximize its use. Some of the easy and popular technology tips that will be given below are a summary of the tips that are widely used by many people. Here is the discussion.

What Are Some Technology Tips?

popular technology tips

When it comes to popular technology tips, there are many tips that you can follow to make your life a lot easier with the help of your technology devices. The tips that will be shared will make your life much more practical because you can save a lot of time and find shortcuts to do certain things on your devices.

Without further ado, here are some tips that can answer your question on “What are online technical tips?”, and can make your usage of technological device much more practical and effective at the same time:

1. Shortcut to Save Images from Google

Many of us use Google in our daily life. In addition to the need to find information in the form of writing, we often also need Google to find an image for our various needs.

Google itself has provided an option for its users to save images that appear in search results or a web that we are currently opening. But if you usually have to right-click on the mouse and then look for options to save the image and so on, now you can use a much more practical shortcut.

You can press the alt key on your keyboard and click on the image you want to save on your device. Then the image will automatically be downloaded on your device.

2. Downloading Audio or Video from Youtube

This tip is one of the most popular technology tips that has been used by many people since the early days of the internet and Youtube. Youtube itself does not provide an official feature for saving videos to the device that plays the video, especially on a computer or laptop.

For that, if you want to download videos from Youtube, you just need to add "ss" to the link address of the video you are opening.

Put "ss" after the word "www." and before the word "Youtube". Later, you will be redirected to a page that can give you the option to download the video. Now you can even extract audio, not just a selection of videos.

3. Finding Unsaved Ms Word File

Have you ever worked on something in MS Word, then suddenly your laptop died when you didn't have time to save the file or the autosave feature didn't turn on? It may be a dreadful thing and can lead to disaster. But take it easy, it turns out you can find the file that you were working on earlier.

Windows already saves the file automatically on your device. To find it, you can look for it in your device's internal files, in the "My PC" folder, then look for the file that ends in ".asd."

Did You Know Computer Tips?

In addition to the 3 easy and popular technology tips mentioned above, there are actually many other popular tips that are widely used by many people that have not been discussed.

You can easily find these tips or other computer tips on the internet easily. There are now a myriad of resources that can give you the tips you need to do certain things with your computer or technological devices, for instance Online Tech Tips.

Who Owns Online Tech Tips?

Online Tech Tips is one of the trusted platforms that can provide you with various tips and also very useful information about your technology tools, especially those related to computer science and the internet. This platform is owned by Asheem Kishore who at the same time served as CEO of this platform or company.

Here are some easy and popular technology tips, and also some other brief information about tips for making the most of your computer or technological device. Check out various information about technology, social media platforms, and also other tips on our website.

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