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Various Ways on How to Connect Android to PC

Updated: Aug 3

Sometimes, there are a number of things that require you to transfer files or documents from one device to another. If you have several different types of devices, you should know how to connect one device to another. In this discussion, we will discuss how to connect android to PC in various easy ways.

PCs are usually much easier to use for work or file processing, so you might need to send files from your Android phone to your PC more than you might know. There are many ways you can do on how to connect android to PC. Check out the discussion below.

How Do I Connect My Android to My PC Wirelessly?

Some PC devices or even laptops still don't have the Bluetooth feature to be able to connect Android phones with it wirelessly. So users have to use other ways to be able to connect these two devices wirelessly without the need for other additional devices.

The first way on how to connect Android to PC that you can do is to use a storage platform or software.

There are many kinds of storage software that can be used to connect various files from two or more devices on the same platform. Some examples include Google Drive, One Drive, and Google Photos, among many others.

Not only for sending files, some software like Windows My Phone also can connect your phone and PC in every aspect. You can even see your screen phone displayed on the PC.

Some of the software or platforms that have been mentioned are very suitable for use for Android phones and PCs.

How Can I Connect My Phone to PC?

How to Connect Android to PC

In addition to using the methods mentioned earlier, by using the help of a special platform or software, you can also use the help of hardware tools such as cables or additional external software.

The easiest way and also the most frequently used is to use a data or USB cable. This data cable is actually your charger cable.

You can just disconnect the cable from the head of your charger, then you can directly use it to connect your cellphone with other devices.

So all you have to do is connect one end to the charging port of your Android phone and the other end to the data or USB cable slot on the PC CPU. Later, the phone will be directly connected as soon as the device is connected.

If you are still confused and want to know in detail how to connect this way, you can look for the tutorial on "how do I connect my Android phone to my computer via USB cable?" on the internet for a step-by-step guide.

Why Can't My Android Phone Connect to My PC?

One of the main reasons why your phone might not be able to connect to your PC despite all the efforts is due to interference with one or both of the devices. This disturbance can be in the form of errors in the system, software, or hardware of the device.

If you use the wireless method using software, interference may occur in registering the connection between the two devices on the platform you are using. So you have to make sure that the device is connected properly.

If you use hardware as a connector, make sure the data cable or external storage that you are using can be detected by each device, because this error may lie on the hardware or the device that cannot detect the connection.

Or you can also check the port on your Android device or PC, whether the port is dirty so the system cannot detect the cable or hardware that has been paired to connect the two devices. This method is one of the first and easiest steps that you can do.


So now you know how to connect android to PC in various ways. You can connect these two devices using the help of software or platforms, or you can also use hardware such as a USB cable.

Whichever method you use, both guarantees are a very easy and practical way to do it, even for beginners. Choose the method you want, according to availability and your needs. Also read other articles about technology on our website.

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