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The Role of Technology in Digital Transformation

Updated: Jul 28

The digital world has taken over the human life as a whole. Nowadays humans rely on digital technology tools for all their needs in life, whether for daily needs or even formal needs. However, what they don't realize is that the digital world has undergone many transformations over the time and most of this is caused by technology in digital transformation.

Technology itself is the tools that support the digital world. If there are no sophisticated and smart technological tools like today, digital transformation will not exist. For that, let us briefly discuss the role and impact of technology in digital transformation.

What Technologies Are Required for Digital Transformation?

For digital transformation to run perfectly and quickly as expected, very sophisticated and intelligent technology is needed.

Lately, the use of AI technology or artificial intelligence is starting to be seen everywhere. Technology like this is one of the examples of digital transformation technology that plays a very big role.

The existence of technology in the form of sophisticated tools serves to accelerate the process of changing the digital world from the new to the new.

We can see for ourselves the changes and transformations of the digital world from time to time. In the past, the digital world only covered a very narrow realm, but now, we can find various aspects of the digital world very easily in our daily lives.

And this observation also reveals that the main factor lies in the new technological discoveries that have occurred all the time since the digital world began to develop. And over time, these discoveries are also getting more and more and experiencing a much faster rate than before, which is expected to bring our digital capabilities even more powerful.

What are The 4 Types of Digital Transformation?

technology in digital transformation

If we have to summarize digital transformation in the most effective way to understand it, then we can divide it into 4 types.

These 4 types are also divided intersect based on the role of technology in digital transformation as a whole. From this type of division, it will be easier for you to understand exactly what is included in digital transformation and at the same time understand this transformation much better.

The following are the four types:

  1. Process Transformation

  2. Business Model Transformation

  3. Domain Transformation

  4. Cultural/Organizational Transformation

Although this technology plays a very important role in digital transformation and also divides it into several types, the determining factor lies in business processes and activities such as the example of the 4 types above.

What is A Technology Transformation?

It is not only the digital world that can transform, technology is also constantly transforming over time. In fact, this technology transformation is why technology in digital transformation plays a very big role.

If there is no transformation technology, then the digital world cannot transform and only stagnates at a certain point.

Technological transformation is a term used to refer to technological changes that occur every once in a while. Technology is, of course, always created to be better than it was before, and therefore this transformation of technology is considered a very good thing.

What Technologies Comes Under Digital?

Actually, almost all of these technologies are related to the digital world, because one and the other cannot be separated.

However, we can see that one of the areas of technology that is most closely related to the digital world is technology which is located in the field of communication and information.

One of the main uses of the digital world today is as a forum for information and communication between people around the world. For that, all technology in this realm must be directly related to the digital world.

Tools such as computers, cellphones, tablets, laptops, or other technology in this realm are all used as portals to access the digital world. And most of these technology tools will not work if they are not used for the needs of the digital world.

Final Words

We can conclude that technology in digital transformation plays a very big role and cannot be ignored. To understand digital transformation in all areas, be it in the realm of economic business or entertainment, we need to observe the role of technology in order to understand it well.

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