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How to Fix Computer Freezing and Prevent It

Updated: Jul 16

Has your computer suddenly freezes and hampers your work? This of course will be very disturbing and inconvenient, especially if you are doing important work. Actually there are several ways you can do on how to fix computer freezing and also prevent it from happening again.

Freezing computers can be caused by many factors, but one of the main factors is an excessive load on the computer's own RAM or storage. In this discussion, we will explore various ways that can be done on how to fix computer freezing as well as to prevent this from happening at all.

What Causes A Computer to Freeze Up and How Can You Fix It?

how to fix computer freezing

As previously mentioned, there are many factors that could be the cause of why your computer freezes and stops working properly. Freezing is a condition where the computer stops working suddenly and is stuck on the work it is doing. In some cases alone, freezing can also be followed by a total death of the system and screen.

Freezing can be prevented if we know what causes the condition. Some of the main factors include overheating, overcapacity, or errors. In many cases, freezing is also very likely due to a mixture of these three factors.

The following is a brief discussion of each of the causes of computer freezing and how to prevent it. To help you know how to fix computer freezing, you need to know what triggers it.

1. Overheating

Computer overheating is caused by a system that works excessively or a full system. If you use your computer for too long with maximum performance without ever having a break at all, overheating is very likely to occur.

What causes PC hard freeze? This question is one of the most common questions about computer freezing, and overheating can be one of the reasons. A system that works too hard, eventually produces too much heat and forces the computer to freeze.

To avoid this, you can avoid the maximum use of the computer in the long term. Take a break every now and then to rest your system and computer.

2. Overcapacity

Storage storage that is full and also contains a lot of junk can also be one of the main reasons why the computer can freeze. This too full capacity forces the computer to work extra. For that, try to frequently delete cache or junk that has accumulated over time.

Try to use an external backup to store heavy files that may harm your computer. Clean your computer's internal storage every once in a while. It is highly recommended for you to do it once a week.

3. Errors

This factor is sometimes inevitable. Sometimes your computer can freeze suddenly for no apparent reason. This can be triggered by an error on your computer system. Usually, you just need to check to make sure that nothing is out of place to prevent freezing because of this factor.

How Do You Unfreeze A PC?

Important knowledge that you should know on how to fix computer freezing is to know how to unfreeze the computer so that it can work again. The ways that you can do to deal with a freezing computer actually really depends on what caused it in the first place.

However, one of the main things you can do to unfreeze is to wait for the computer to start working again by itself. Without the need to do anything, usually the computer will return to work by itself. But if that doesn't happen and the computer keeps freezing, then you can take it to a repairman.

Can Low RAM Cause Freezing?

Low RAM on its own probably will not contribute a large percentage in making the computer freeze. However, a low RAM computer that is forced to work very hard is often the main reason why a computer often freezes.

As previously mentioned, a computer that is forced to work excessively and overloads its RAM can cause an overheating or failed system which eventually leads to a frozen computer.

That was a brief discussion about how to fix computer freezing and at the same time prevent it from happening. Check out various tips on technology, business, or social media tools on our website.

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