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How to Clean A Laptop With Some Simple Tools

Updated: Jul 13

When was the last time you cleaned your laptop? If you even forget when or never at all, then you need to clean your laptop as soon as possible. Laptops that are not cleaned over time will cause serious problems. For that, you must know how to clean a laptop.

Some studies have even proven that the keyboard on your laptop may be much dirtier than the floor in your bathroom. Cleaning your laptop regularly is something you should pay attention to and do. For that, see various explanations about how to clean a laptop with simple tools here.

What Can I Use to Clean My Laptop Screen?

The screen is one of the main components on a laptop. Although it is not often touched as much as the keyboard, the screen on this laptop must also be cleaned regularly so that there is no dust or oil attached. If your laptop screen is dirty, you may notice that your work can be disrupted by the bleaks of dirt.

Dirt on the screen is not crucial, but it can slightly interfere with your vision when you use the laptop. To clean the laptop screen yourself, you don't need special tools.

You can use a tissue or cloth if your screen is not so dirty. Just wipe the entire surface of your screen a few times, then your screen is clean.

If you want maximum cleanliness, you can also add a little water on a cloth or use a special electronic screen cleaning liquid that can be found at electronics stores. This liquid will make your screen clearer and cleaner for a longer time.

Not only that, you can also use slime. This trending slime is a sticky substance that you can use to lift the dirt on your screen. Slime is also suitable to use for cleaning your keyboard.

How Do You Clean And Sanitize A Laptop?

how to clean a laptop

It's not enough just to know how to clean a laptop, you also have to know how to sanitize it. If you use your laptop quite often outdoors or even carry your laptop everywhere, this stage might be necessary more than you know.

Dust, pollution, or smoke that is outside the room may leave stains and build up over the time if not cleaned. Moreover, cigarette smoke, if exposed too often, your laptop can turn yellowish and have a strong smell of cigarette smoke.

You can use alcohol wipes to sanitize it. Pour a little cleaning alcohol on a cloth or tissue, and clean the parts of your laptop with it.

"Can I use alcohol wipes to clean my laptop screen?" This question often arises when it comes to discussing how to clean a laptop. Periodically you can use alcohol wipes to clean your laptop. But still pay attention not to use it too often. Exposure to alcohol might not be the best thing for electronics.

Can I Use Cleaning Wipes on My Laptop?

Cleaning wipes are one of the tools that you can use to clean your laptop. These cleaning wipes are usually specially designed to clean all surfaces, including the surface of your laptop. Not only that, these cleaning wipes are also very easy to find and practical, so they are highly recommended.

However, it should be noted that usually cleaning wipes contain a fairly high alcohol content in them. The wipes that are available usually come in a wet state with cleaning fluid that has been mixed with alcohol. For that, you can not use it too often.

These cleaning wipes are usually much more suitable for cleaning laptop screens that have been exposed to oil or dust. This tool may not be suitable if used to clean the keyboard because of the uneven surface.

Final Words

That's some brief explanation on how to clean a laptop. Some simple tools that you can use include cleaning wipes, regular wipes, tissue, water, or alcohol. These tools are easy to find in various places.

Clean your laptop regularly so that dirt does not build up and eventually cause a problem. A dirty laptop can also be a source of problems why the laptop doesn't work well.

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