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Know More About GSM 3G IMSI Catcher

The IMSI catcher is a very important tool that is currently used for both advertising and marketing purposes. Whether it is GSM 3G IMSI catcher, 4G, or 5G, all of them are tools that can make it easier for you to get an IMSI number.

How Much Does an IMSI Catcher Cost?

Actually there is no fixed price for the IMSI catcher. There are many types and brands of IMSI catchers which of course are sold at different prices in the market. However, the price of the IMSI catcher will usually be largely determined by the quality and also the specifications of the catcher itself.

Most catchers, including the GSM 3G IMSI catcher, are available for prices ranging from $1,200 to $12,000. The price difference that is quite contrasting can be caused by various factors, but the most important factor is the ability of the catcher.

The higher the specifications or the more capabilities of the catcher, the catcher will be priced at a high price.

GSM 3G IMSI Catcher
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The following are the 3 main specifications that most determine the high or low price of the catcher which is usually used as a determinant for people that are looking for a catcher:

  • The catcher coverage radius

  • The number of numbers that can be caught

  • Whether the catcher has other capabilities or not (for example whether it can also function as an IMEI or a phone number catcher).

These 3 things can be used as your guide to getting the right catcher at the right price. These specifications can also be tailored to your needs. If you need the catcher for professional needs, then you need a catcher with high specifications.

What is The Range of IMSI Catcher?

IMSI catcher itself consists of variants with a very large range. You can classify IMSI catchers according to their price range, specification range, quality range, and so on. However, in general, people prefer to group catchers based on the network type of the catcher.

If distinguished based on the type of network, the catcher can be divided into 4, which are:

- GSM 2G IMSI Catcher

- GSM 3G IMSI Catcher

- GSM 4G IMSI Catcher

- GSM 5G IMSI Catcher

It is possible that in the future there will be a new type of catcher in accordance with the discovery of new types of networks.

As time progresses, of course there will be many other types of networks that will appear, maybe 6G, 7G, 8G, and so on. In this way, the types of catchers that are available will automatically increase along with the rapid development of the network.

What is IMSI Catcher Detector?

IMSI detector is a tool that is used to find out if there is a catcher nearby, or whether there is a catcher that is retrieving IMSI data from the phone that is installed with the detector.

This IMSI detector tool is a tool that is quite important to avoid you from taking data from your cell phone that you don't want. Usually, this detector can only detect catchers of the same type as it. For example, to detect a GSM 3G IMSI catcher, the detector must also be of the 3G type.

GSM 3G IMSI Catcher
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How GSM Traffic Can be Intercepted?

GSM traffic can be intercepted with the catcher. Various types of catchers, not only GSM 3G IMSI catcher, can work if the device intercepts the GSM network.

The catcher itself intercepts the GSM network to find out information about the phone, IMEI, or IMSI number, from the cell phone that is connected to the GSM network.

Various information about the GSM 3G IMSI catcher and other types of catchers that have been discussed this time are very useful so that those of you who still don't know about the catcher at all, at least know briefly what this tool is.

This tool is a sophisticated tool, but can be missed if it falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, you can protect your phone by using a catcher detector or be careful by not to store a lot of valuable information on your cell phone.

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