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Everything That You Need to Know About GSM Interceptor

The rapid development of information technology provides various conveniences in aspects of social life, especially for GSM Interceptor. The ease of obtaining information from various parts of the world makes social, economic, cultural, and even legal developments move significantly.

What is GSM Interception?

Information technology today is a double-edged sword. Because in addition to being able to contribute to improving the welfare of human civilization, the development of Information Technology that makes the GSM interceptor appear is also able to become an effective means of fighting the law.

The ease of accessing information in GSM interceptor does not rule out the possibility of a desire to take the information or participate in enjoying the information provided by irresponsible parties.

GSM technology utilizes signal transmission which is divided according to time, so that the information signal sent will reach its destination. GSM was then used as the standard system used by most telephone networks around the world.

Systems that use cellular networks based around broadcast stations or satellite technology that connect to signals from orbit can be part of a system network. Phones using this type of network will be accompanied by a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card, while CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) does not.

GSM Interceptor
Pict from pixabay

GSM Network Main Function

The GSM network has a main function, one of which is to provide easier access facilities on cellular and satellite platforms on all international routes using digital technology, either through voice or data channels in the system.

This channel of GSM interceptor operates on the second generation network, but many are already using the third generation or higher network to offer satisfactory service to users. With this technology, users can exchange high-speed data information via satellite and cellular towers across networks and companies.

GSM interceptor is an activity to listen, record, deflect, change, inhibit, review and or record the transmission of electronic information and or electronic documents of a public nature, either using a communication cable network or a wireless network, such as electromagnetic or radio.

Basically the information that is owned by someone is a personal right that must be protected so that wiretapping must be prohibited. So, it can be concluded that GSM interceptor is an activity to obtain, divert, or hinder the delivery of information by unauthorized parties in an illegal manner.

How does GSM Interceptor Work?

GSM interceptor works by capturing signals or frequencies, either direct voice voice, communication via communication devices, data communication via special waves for data transfer such as infrared, bluetooth and wifi.

There are various ways GSM interceptor work, namely:

  • With direct technique electronically

  • With indirect techniques using special networks or satellites.

In addition, GSM interceptor also receives all direct or indirect communication signals that can be captured by signal capture equipment such as radio antennas, radar, satellite dishes, lip readers.

GSM Interceptor
Pict from pixabay

GSM interceptor can also get communication and images by installing transmitters and amplifiers in the targeted area, some are in the form of small devices placed on walls, under tables and so on.

GSM interceptor tools are inserted in someone's personal devices such as cellphones, ballpoints, clocks, including recording ballpoints and ballpoint pens with cameras.

What is a Cell Interceptor?

A cell interceptor is a tapping device in the form of a small box software the size of a match that has a slot for a GSM sim card, where we can listen to the target voice just by making a call to the GSM phone number that is inserted into it.

This equipment uses a rechargeable lithium battery which has a stand-by time of about 1 day. The sensitivity of this tool can be to tap sound in a room with a distance of about 5-6 meters, making it easy to put it in a hidden place.

This tool also has an additional feature app that is quite useful, namely voice activated recall, which will detect a conversation in the room. When a conversation is detected, this tool will automatically call directly to a certain number that has been set.

This feature is useful because sometimes when we do an interception system, but at the location there is no conversation activity whatsoever or quiet. To record the tapped voice can be done from the calling side by using a telephone recorder.

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