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All of The Information That You Might Need to Know About Interceptor Device

The interceptor device is a tool that is used to collect data from the connection and the surrounding smartphones that are connected to the interceptor device. This tool can invade the privacy of every smartphone user connected to this interceptor. Usually, the interceptor is known as the Stingray, cell site simulator, or IMSI catcher. Here is some information you should know about interceptor devices:

What is A Cell Phone Interceptor?

Currently, there are many scales of interceptor device types and all of them have different functions with each other. However, one of the most well-known types of devices is cell phone interceptors.

Cell phone interceptors have the same function as other interceptor devices, namely to monitor and retrieve data from smartphones connected to the device.

But the difference is, these cell phone interceptors are more focused on monitoring text message conversations or calls made by smartphones or cell phones connected to them.

This tool is usually used for security purposes in important areas, especially in government areas or areas that require very tight security.

Someone who has this type of interceptor device can see what text messages are sent by one person to another. In addition, this person can also find out what is being discussed through phone calls that are connected to the device.