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Here’s Hitech Terminal 255, Your Perfect SMS Machine

Along with the development of the industry, business competition is also increasing. As business people, you need Hitech Terminal 255 to survive in the competition. The reason is that this revolutionary technology can send thousands of SMS per day to reach your customers all over the world.

What is Hitech Terminal 255?

To make your business bigger, you have to expand your reach. You require some tools to instantly deliver information about your products and services directly to customers. It has to be fast, effective, and efficient. Thus, you require this machine.

HT 255 is the latest technology for advertising that possibly sends SMS in real time. The messages will be received to the customer's active phone number without any credit. As long as you get permission to send updates, they will be the recipient.

How it works?

As you know, smartphones have become things that everyone has. It can be used to share business promotions, either using SMS or other applications. One of them is an SMS blaster that can make you send marketing messages to many users at the same time.

Unlike the other short message services, the sender’s name is displayed as the name of the company that sent the messages. This strategy is far more efficient compared to other promo media because customers can immediately read it. Basically, the promotion is received directly via smartphone owned by customers.

The use of SMS blast technique is through SMS broadcast machines. Hitech Terminal 255 doesn’t need databases. It only uses the Base Station Technology to manage the receiver lists.

Why Hitech Terminal 255?

This machine has the best technology with the most advanced software features at the moment. It also has the best hardware that supports all the working systems to the optimum level. Here is the reason why HT 255 suits you the best.

hitech terminal 255

1. Fast speed and big range of radius

Features of Hitech Terminal 255 are really great. It can contain 255 characters per SMS. The speed of sending messages is up to 20.000 SMS/hour. Can you imagine how many people you can reach at the time?

This device has the ability to detect active cell phone radius up to 300 m until 2 km. It means, you don’t need any internet to send the messages. It can directly transmit SMS through the frequency.

Speed and radius are very dependent on the crowd in the user's environment. It possibly becomes less or more. But still, Hitech Terminal 255 serves the best for your business needs and requirements.

2. Accessible and easy to work with

As an SMS broadcast machine, HT 255 provides multiple access. It can operate from laptop and smartphone together. It also supports all operators, and you can create unlimited content to send using SMS blaster.

The range of ARFCN becomes multiple, and it works faster. Hitech terminal 255 has a built-in frequency finder. This device also has portable and car support, so it is really easy to work with anytime and anywhere.

3. User Friendly

Becoming a business developer, you need to expand and reach as much as you can. So, a system that supports the sender’s number unlocked is really helpful. Users can input the sender from any number available.

Hitech Terminal 255 has Wi-Fi built-in that can boost the work properly. Wi-Fi built-in available is secured and protected. It also has SMS receiver memory that will not resend SMS to the same number before reset time.

4. It is free

As you have this SMS machine, you don’t have to pay anything more in case of sending messages. You actually can save more company expenses. No need for expensive billboards anymore to grow your business.

The combination of each part makes Hitech Terminal 255 a perfect choice for accelerating your business growth. Considering that SMS blast doesn’t need real advertising medium, this strategy is also more economically and environmentally friendly than other promotional media. The use of SMS blast strategy is somewhat cheaper and more efficient.

Hitech Terminal is the leader in SMS broadcast machines. Besides HT 255, there are other types such as Triple Enterprise and Fourfold Enterprise. You can pick any products that suit you the most.

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