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Hitech Terminal 255, SMS Broadcaster Machine

Hitech Terminal 255 is one of the popular SMS broadcaster machines and is often used by various companies or businesses to broadcast SMS in SMS marketing. Now SMS marketing is one of the most widely used marketing techniques.

Since the late 90s until now, you can see for yourself how much SMS marketing is still being done today. Find out more about Hitech Terminal 255 and also SMS marketing in this discussion.

What is SMS Marketing?

The term SMS marketing may still be a foreign name for some people, especially for those who are not familiar with the world of marketing.

However, almost everyone who has a cell phone in this world must have received an SMS containing a promotion from a business or company around you, right? This is what is known as SMS marketing.

Hitech Terminal 255
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As the name implies, SMS marketing uses SMS as the main platform to convey the desired information (in this context promotional messages) from a company to their target customers.

Promotional messages sent can also vary, ranging from special offers in the form of discounts or general notifications.

To send this SMS, they use a bulk SMS sender machine such as Hitech Terminal 255. This machine will help businesses to spread SMS in a very fast time and in large numbers, according to the target they want.

How Does an SMS Broadcast Machine Work?

To send SMS, usually you have to register the number in your contact list, then call them one by one, right?

This process may seem practical for personal communication relationships, but this method will not be effective for SMS marketing. Therefore, there is a special machine that makes SMS marketing needs easier.

This machine broadcaster can directly record cell phone numbers in the vicinity. These machines work on a location based basis with different radii, according to the specifications of the machine itself.

The number that has been recorded will be immediately sent with a promotional message desired by the machine operator.

The operator of this machine can determine for himself what messages will be sent to these cell phones in the form of SMS. The process is also very fast, some machines can send up to hundreds of thousands of SMS in 1 hour. So this machine is a very effective machine in helping SMS marketing.

Hitech Terminal 255

To do effective SMS advertisement or marketing, you must also use a broadcaster that is trusted and works well. One of the broadcaster machines that you can choose is Hitech Terminal 255.

This machine has many advantages that you can get. These various advantages are guaranteed to be able to make your SMS marketing goals achieved well, and achieve your end goal, which is to increase the company sales.

Hitech Terminal 255 is equipped with various features such as multiple access, built-in wifi, and also free operational costs (no need to pay credit fees and internet fees anymore). In addition, this tool can send SMS up to 20,000 SMS per hour within a radius of 300m to 3km.

With the sender number unlocked feature, you can customize the name of the sender you want your recipient to see. Usually, businesses or companies use their name as the name of the sender, so the message will be much more effective with the recipient knowing who sent them the message.

Not only that, here are some other features or specifications you need to know about Hitech Terminal 255:

  • Load up to 255 characters of message

  • Equipped with car support

  • Portable

  • Can perform unlimited task

  • Multiple operator

  • Equipped with SMS receiver memory

Hitech Terminal 255
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Final Thoughts

SMS broadcaster is a very crucial engine for those of you who want to implement SMS marketing to market your business. Hitech Terminal 255 has various interesting specifications that might be your consideration when choosing the broadcaster machine you want to use.

Make sure you buy this broadcaster machine from a trusted source in order to get the original and best machine. You can get various information about SMS marketing, broadcaster tools, or even purchase it at the best price on our website.

Search the product section, and you will find Hitech Terminal 255 along with other best SMS broadcaster machines you can find on the market.

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