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Know More About The Bestselling Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Today, the power of SMS marketing for increasing the sales percentage is already well known. Many large companies are already using SMS broadcasters for their SMS marketing. You should also try it for your business. Use the Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher to help you.

Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher is one of the most popular and sought after phone number catchers today. This tool has become a bestselling machine in various markets. Find more information about this machine here.

SMS Broadcaster and Phone Number Catcher

Before entering into the discussion about Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher, you need to understand about the SMS marketing first. This type of marketing has gained popularity since the early 2000s along with the increase in the use of mobile phones.

SMS marketing is recognized as a marketing solution that is much more effective in engaging more people to be interested in our products. The cost is relatively cheap and very easy to do.

Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher
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Basically, companies or businesses only need to create SMS messages that will be distributed in bulk on a special machine to a large number of people. These people will receive the SMS message simultaneously on their respective mobile phones.

Marketing messages like this are much more engaging because they feel more personal and are less likely to be ignored. The recipient will at least receive the notification and will read the message, so the chances of conversion are much higher.

To do SMS marketing, you have to use a phone source catcher to catch the phone numbers of cell phones around them. Then, SMS will be distributed via SMS Broadcaster to the numbers that have been captured earlier.

Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher

Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher is one of the best tools you can use to do SMS marketing. In 1 machine, you can get 3 tools at once. You can get an SMS broadcaster, phone number catcher, and also IMSI number catcher at the same time without extra charge.

This tool is easy to use, its compact size makes it easy to carry everywhere (portable). This machine is also equipped with car support which makes it more effective and practical to use for mobile use.

You can use this bulk SMS machine for various SMS marketing needs, be it for personal or professional purposes for your business or company. Even though it is quite small in size, you can use this tool to spread promotional messages for medium-scale companies.

The power of this tool is unquestionable, as evidenced by its status as one of the best selling catcher machines on the market today. You can also find various offline and online marketplaces that sell this tool. But to get the best price, you can purchase it here.

Specification Details

This SMS broadcaster and catcher machine has many interesting features that you can use to make marketing your company easier. The following are some details regarding the features and other specifications of this tool that you should consider:

Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher
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  • Can load SMS messages containing 318 characters, which is quite a large size when compared to other SMS machines which can only contain an average of 200 characters.

  • Spread SMS at a speed of up to 20,000 SMS per hour simultaneously within a radius of 300 m to 2 km in the vicinity. Radius and speed may change depending on the environmental conditions in which this tool is used.

  • It already has built-in wifi and is also free of charge, so that you don't have to pay additional fees for data or internet service anymore.

  • Sender number unlocked.

  • Can operate unlimited tasks and can be used in multiple operators.

  • Equipped with real count SMS, plug and play, and SMS receiver memory.

  • Has built-in GPS.

  • Although it can not be used as an IMEI catcher, this machine can function as an SMS broadcaster, SMS catcher, and IMSI catcher.

There are still a lot of features and specifications that have not been mentioned above, you can see them again in the special section of Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher. With this many specifications, you can get it for only $ 7,500.

Products from Hitech Terminal do not need to be doubted anymore. Get your Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher right away on our website.

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