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Go Bigger with Hitech Terminal 318

With the growth of industry, as the brand or the company you need to increase the growth too. You need every help to make sure that your company’s name is on the top of people's choice. Then you need an SMS broadcaster such as Hitech Terminal 318.

What is HT 318?

hitech terminal 318

HT 318 is a tool provided by the Hitech company to gain your reach, this tool usually called SMS or cell broadcaster. It will make your business better and even bigger. The tools will instantly send a huge number of messages every single day directly to the customer.

The messages will contain information about your servicer or products, so the customer will not miss a thing. With the latest tech that works behind that SMS broadcaster, you will master digital marketing. And of course you will occupy the market place.

How it works?

The fact nowadays is that everyone at least has one phone that is active in their pocket, bag or their luggage. And you must know that every phone has their own default text messages application. So broadcasting messages is the simplest thing, isn’t it?

You can share promotions or information to many users basically at the same time. And your company’s name will appear as the sender. This is becoming more effective and way cheaper than doing the traditional marketing.

Imagine if every one hundred (100) messages have a chance to gain one payment in the future, how about if you can do one thousand (1000) broadcast messages a day. I told you that this strategy will suit you best.

Your customers will receive the messages and can be read anytime by them. This bulk SMS machine will help you go through the business world and maintain whatever your company is doing. How could you say no to this revolutionary tools?

Why HT 318?

The reasons you need to bring this tool home is because a lot of aspects that Hitech Terminal 318 has. These products bring advanced software and technology. So you will work easily and efficient at the same time. This SMS machine also has the best hardware that not only looks cool but also strong and long lasting.

The system will run as best as they can. And you will also get the best you can get. Here is another reason that may be a good opportunity for your business.

1. Easy to Work

Hitech Terminal 318 is easy to work with because it provide multiple access, so you can use it from some devices. This also supports you for having the Wifi built in. This wifi is also protected and secured. By using this you can also work with it from any place that you wish because it is portable and even car support.

2. Wide Range and Fast

Hitech Terminal 318 allows you to make each content in maximal 318 characters. And the sending speed is up to 20K or 20 thousands messages in an hour. The range of this device is quite wide which is 300m until 2km.

Speed and radius are really depending on the environment like the crowds, the building, and whatsoever. But still, Hitech Terminal 318 will make your business go bigger in every aspect.

3. One Payment Only

If you use these tools, you only have to pay for the products at first. You wont get confused by the monthly charge like other advertising media. It will cost you lower than you expected.

Features of Hitech Terminal 318

Here are some of the detailed features of Hitech Terminal 318:

  • Max SMS Character: 318 Characters

  • Sending Speed: Up to 20.000 SMS / hour*

  • Range or Radius: up to 300m - 2km*

  • Allowed Multiple Access: Available

  • Wifi Built-in: Available

  • 100% Free: Available

  • Allowed Sender Number Unlocked: Available

  • Allowed Portable: Available

  • Allowed Car Support: Available

  • Allowed Unlimited Task: Available

  • Allowed Multiple Operator: Available

  • Allowed Multiple ARFCN: Available

  • SMS Receiver Memory: Available

The combination of every feature makes this SMS machine will make your business go bigger and survive in business competition. This is also friendly in the environment because of decreasing use of paper and many more as ads media.

HT 318 is the perfect first step if you want to join digital marketing. And if you want to check another type, relax because Hitech also provides lots of magic tools for your business. Just don’t forget to bring at least one to your office or your place.

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