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Hitech Terminal Auto, Free SMS Blasting

Knowing that the competition in the industry is getting tougher day by day, marketing strategies from each company are getting smarter too. The brands need breakthrough plans to reach more. And Hitech Terminal Auto is the best help.

What is Hitech Terminal Auto?

If you want to expand your business targets and goals, you require tools that may help you deliver and share your marketing message instantly to the customers. There are a lot of choices of tools that will help your struggle. But here’s the thing you should know about Hitech Terminal Auto.

HT Auto can work fast, effectively, and efficiently as an SMS broadcasting machine. HT Auto has the best technology that can support sending massive SMS in real time. The messages will be received to an active phone number that allows you to do so without any charge.

How HT Auto works?

Phone users are a huge mass around the world. To deliver either an important or urgent message, you don’t have to go there and literally knock on their door. It has to be intimate communication, but still efficient from the economic and environmental side.

All the problems mentioned can be overcome by HT Auto. As an SMS blaster, the system can send marketing and promotion messages to many users at the same time. The customers can receive the promotion message in their inbox with no need of downloading an app or log in to some account.

Unlike other short message services, this system will display the sender’s number as the company name that sent the promotion. This strategy is far more effective and efficient compared to other ways.

The reason is that the message that is received by customers seems trusted and may tempt them to click or know further information.

Hitech Terminal Auto

The message will directly connect between the brands and their customers. It is like having a one-sided conversation, but still can be an interesting marketing technique. So it kind of replaces knocking door to door for getting intimate and unpretentious connections.

HT Auto doesn’t require a database while doing its work, which is broadcasting messages. Hitech Terminal Auto only uses the Base Station Technology to manage the receiver list. And it is much more efficient and fast.

Why should you Choose HT Auto?

HT Auto owns the most advanced software at the moment. It also has the best technology and latest hardware that supports all the systems that work. If all of the above are combined, it will make your promotion delivered safely to the customers.

After you purchase this SMS machine, you don’t have to pay anything more in sending messages at all. You actually only need one payment at the beginning and use it free for the rest as you have this device.

No need for more expensive advertisements and you can save more money for your company. As soon as the messages are read by customers, your company will get a better opportunity to earn more. HT Auto is a great step to jump on using an SMS machine.

Hitech Terminal also offers other types that might suit you to like 225, 318, Triple Enterprise and Fourfold Enterprise. But today we will talk about HT Auto first and these are the features of it.

Table of HT Auto’s Sophistication

Hitech Terminal Auto

The features of HT Auto are great enough to be part of your business. HT Auto can contain 318 characters per SMS and the speed is up to 20.000 SMS/hour. Can you imagine how many customers will read and be tempted with your promotion?

As an SMS machine, HT Auto supports not only multiple access and multiple operators, but also auto switch operator and auto ARFCN. It means you can operate it from laptop, PC and smartphone at the same time. Hitech Terminal Auto allows you to create unlimited tasks to send.

HT Auto has a great range of radii which is 300 m – 2 km to detect active cell phones. This process of broadcasting SMS will only need frequency to transmit SMS. HT Auto has Wi-Fi built-in that can increase the work of sending your marketing messages.

HT Auto has SMS receiver memory and will not allow you to resend messages to the same number before your list is reset. Hitech Terminal Auto is also portable and has car support, so it means you can do your job anywhere, even in your car.

If you are the kind of busy person and always on-the-go person, Hitech Terminal Auto is the excellent answer for your daily routines. The features makes Hitech Terminal Auto the future of marketing strategy. It is also a perfect tool for growing your business up.

This technique is also more economically and environmentally friendly because it doesn't need an advertising medium such as billboards.

Hitech Terminal has a lot type of SMS blaster. As it mentioned before, you can choose other types of HT such as 225, 318, Triple Enterprise, or Fourfold Enterprise. You can choose any type that suits your requirement best.

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