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Hitech Terminal 318, Future of Marketing

As business and industry grow, the competition in between is also increasing. Business people need a revolutionary marketing technique. And Hitech Terminal 318 is the key.

What is Hitech Terminal 318?

Some tools are needed to expand your business targets and goals. You require something that will help you instantly deliver and share your promotion of your products and services. Thus, you need to know about Hitech Terminal 318.

HT 318 is the fast, effective, and efficient SMS broadcast machine. It has the latest technology that will support sending SMS in real time. The messages will be received to the active number phone without any charge.

hitech terminal 318

How HT 318 works?

Phone has become one thing that everyone has in their daily life. It can be used to share and receive business information, either using SMS or other applications. SMS blaster is one of the systems that allows you to send marketing and promotion messages to many users at the same time.

Unlike other short messages services, SMS blaster will display the sender’s name as the company that sent the messages. This technique is far more effective compared to other strategies. The reason is that customers can immediately open their inbox.

Basically, the promotion messages will directly connect the companies and their customers. As an SMS machine, HT 38 doesn’t need a database while doing its work. Hitech Terminal 318 only uses the Base Station Technology to manage the receiver list.

Why HT 318 is the future of marketing?

Hitech Terminal 318 has the most advanced software at the moment. It also has the latest technology and best hardware that supports all the systems that work to an optimum level. If all the three combined, it will make your promotion delivered safely to the customers.

After you purchase this SMS machine, you don’t have to pay anything more in sending marketing messages at all. You actually only require one payment at the beginning and use it free for the rest.

No need for more expensive other advertising media, and you can save more company expenses. As soon as the messages are read by customers, your company will get a better chance to earn more. HT 318 is the first step to jump on using an SMS broadcast machine.

Hitech Terminal also offers other types that might suit you too, like Triple Enterprise and Fourfold Enterprise. But today we will talk about HT 318 first and these are the features of it.

Table of HT 318’s Sophistication

The features of HT 318 are great enough to be part of your business development. HT 318 can contain 318 characters per SMS and the speed is up to 20.000 SMS/hour. Can you imagine how many customers will be tempted with your promotion?

This device has a great range of radii which is 300 m – 2 km to detect active cell phones. With this range, you don’t need any internet to send the messages. This process will only need frequency to transmit SMS.

As SMS machine, HT 318 supports multiple access and multiple operators. It means you can operate it from a laptop and smartphone at the same time. Hitech Terminal 318 allows you to create unlimited task to send using SMS blaster.

It is also portable, so you can carry it anywhere. HT 318 is car support. So if you are the kind of busy and always on-the-go person, HT 318 is the best answer for your complexity.

HT 318 has Wi-Fi built-in that can boost the work of sending your marketing messages. This Wi-Fi built-in is secured and protected. HT 318 also has SMS receiver memory that won't resend SMS before you reset the list.

The great features that are combined makes HT 318 the future of marketing. HT 318 is also a smart choice for your business. This strategy is also more economically and environmentally friendly because it doesn't need advertising media.

Hitech Terminal 318 is a leader in this industry. As we talked before, you can choose other types of HT such as 225, Triple Enterprise, or Fourfold Enterprise. You can choose any type that suits you best.

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