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SMS Blaster, Best Way to Reach More

Text messages or SMS are recognized as personal ways to communicate. SMS can be used to be a platform for sharing marketing messages. One of the way is SMS blaster that allows you to send information such as promotion, reminders or alerts to many customers at the same time

What is SMS Blaster?

SMS blaster is a tool that can be used to blast text messages. It allows the users to get better response rates for marketing and customer communication. It is because they don't have to download an app or login to their account.

Text blasts are an affordable service that allows you to simultaneously share promotion. It also easily sends marketing messages to numerous cell phone users utilizing an automated messaging system.

What is text blast?

SMS blast is a system that can make you send text messages to many phone users at the same time. You might think that text message is old and cliché. But actually, it is really reachable to every phone’s users.

Surveys showed that almost every person who earns is having at least an active phone. And almost every phone’s users can use SMS to communicate. Promotions received as text messages in SMS are usually opened more often.

If you live in a crowded country such as the USA, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more, you must have received many promotion messages. In Indonesia for example, you might receive promotions by providers such as Telkomsel or food discounts from coffee shops.

Text blast is delivered by SMS blasting services. What is SMS blasting service? SMS blasting service is one of the ways to facilitate communication between a brand and its customers. SMS blasting services offer countless opportunities for business growth.

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How do I send a text blast for free?

As a business developer, you will definitely look for the cheapest way with the biggest income. Or if it can be free, you will take it, right?

There are many platforms that offer free SMS blasting services for free. You just need to find out on the internet, or you can buy an SMS broadcast machine once and use it free for the rest.

The benefits of SMS blasting service so far are kind of obvious for business growth. The reason is that SMS is the main channel of communication with customers. Take a look in steps: how do you send SMS blast?

Step One : Pick a Service

You need to decide which SMS blast services that you pick to be an SMS blaster. There are a lot of choices. You need to consider it because it will impact the target.

Step Two : Sign up or Login to Text Blast App

If you don’t need an account, you have to sign up first. Put your company’s name, email and whatever the SMS blasting service needs. Or you can login directly to the website or app if you already have an account.

Step Three : Create an interesting draft of message

First thing to do is to make a list of your company’s goals. Then write it down as an interesting message that will make customers want to know. The messages need to be clickable, interactive and persuasive.

Attach the urgent reminders or important information that customers won’t be missed out. The more fascinating your offer is, the merrier it can be such a better income. Double-check the message because if any typo appears, it can be misunderstood.

Step Four : Check the list of recipients

To be the recipient of an SMS blast, customers have to give their permission in the first place. After giving the permission, they will become the recipients of your company marketing message. Basically, if the permission isn’t given, then you can’t send them the promotion.

Create a list of customer’s phone numbers that already give their permission. You have to re-check the recipient list before sending any messages to make sure that the phone number is active. And then, you can move to the next step.

Step Five : Click “send”

If everything is ready and double-checked, you can start to launch the messages. You can send it like right now or schedule it for sending later. But just don’t forget to click the “send” button.

Affordable SMS blaster is the fastest way to send your promotions to thousands of contacts. It is off the high rates in the business. Start your SMS blaster now to get more income.

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