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General Review on Hitech Terminal Mini

Hitech Terminal Mini is a SMS broadcaster machine that can help you to implement SMS marketing easily and effortlessly for your business. SMS marketing has been known to be one of the most effective marketing strategies that is used by almost every type of business in this era.

With high effectiveness and efficiency rate to help businesses achieve it’s targeted goal, this type of marketing grows more popular every year. Hitech Terminal Mini can help you achieve marketing goals that match your company's vision and mission.

Overview on Digital Marketing and SMS Marketing

Before we dive into the general review of Hitech Terminal Mini, it is important for you to first understand what digital marketing and SMS marketing are in general. SMS marketing is one of the main branches of digital marketing.

As the name implies, in essence, digital marketing is a type of marketing that uses a digital platform as their main platform to attract customers.

If in conventional marketing we meet face-to-face with our prospective customers, then in digital marketing we use various digital means that are useless to help us connect with the targeted people we want to reach.

SMS marketing is an example of digital marketing because SMS marketing uses a digital platform in the form of SMS to become a liaison between business and customers.

This type of digital marketing began to experience a very significant increase in popularity starting from the late 90s, since the use of cell phones began to become one of the basic needs of society.

To do this SMS marketing, businesses need a special machine called an SMS broadcaster. This machine will spread the promotional messages that they want to spread from business to their targeted people automatically.

You just need to enter what message you want to spread, then this machine will immediately spread the SMS to thousands of people at once.

Hitech Terminal SMS Broadcaster Machine

Although there are many SMS broadcaster machines on the market, the most frequently used broadcaster machines for professional enterprise business are Hitech Terminal machines. Hitech Terminal provides many intelligent devices that can help make your digital marketing easier.

All products from Hitech Terminal are guaranteed quality, durable, high-tech, and also cheap compared to other products in their class. This makes machines from Hitech Terminal a very popular machine in the intelligent devices market.

Apart from Hitech Terminal Mini, several machines from Hitech Terminal which are also very well known and much sought after by people include Hitech Terminal Enterprise One, Hitech Terminal Phone Number Catcher, Hitech Terminal 70, and many others. You can see various detailed specifications about various other Hitech Terminal machines in the "Products'' section on our website.

Hitech Terminal Mini’s Review and Specification

Hitech Terminal Mini

As the name suggests, the size of this Hitech Terminal machine is indeed smaller than other Hitech Terminal machines. So this machine will be very suitable for those of you who are looking for an SMS bulk machine that is practical to use and easy if you want to carry it everywhere.

Hitech Terminal Mini even considered as the smallest SMS broadcaster machine in the world that is available to purchase. Its size is approximately only half of the size of a normal broadcaster machine.

Although its size is quite small, this machine still has various skills and also very interesting specifications. The specifications of this Hitech Terminal Mini can even be said to be one of the best in its class, even more so if you take into account its fairly mini size.

The following is a detailed list of specifications and general information regarding Hitech Terminal Mini:

  • Can contain SMS up to 318 Characters

  • Broadcasting speed up to 20.000 SMS/ hour

  • Range of radius up to 300m - 2km (also depend on the condition of the area)

  • Has Multiple Access

  • Comes with Wifi Built-in

  • 100% Free of service charge

  • Sender Number Unlocked

  • Portable

  • Multiple Operator access

  • Multiple ARFCN

  • SMS Receiver Memory


  • AUTO Switch Operator

  • Real Count

  • Equipped with Car Support

  • Can perform unlimited task

And that’s the general review, information, and specifications on Hitech Terminal Mini, the smallest broadcaster machine in the world. You can purchase this machine with only $6,850 on our website.

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