How Can SMS Marketing Help Increasing Restaurant's Business?

Text marketing for restaurants, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty. Restaurants can access much more clients at only a small percentage of the cost and in a more efficient way than other marketing channels because of the accessibility.

Text marketing should be a compulsory practice for restaurants, particularly smaller ones. Publicising is an integral part of any business effort, but a full-blown marketing campaign sometimes can be very expensive. Therefore, it is a good idea to stab to do it in budget and SMS marketing is just that instrument.

What Benefits Can Restaurants Get from Text Marketing?

There are a plethora of text message marketing benefits/advantages one can get. Implementing such a marketing method is almost fool-proof since either you have the complete advantages of SMS advertising or you have marginal (or not at all) gains without having to make a financial impact. The key benefits include:

Inspiring Open Rate

Text message communication channel leads the chart with its inspiring open rate. The eye-catching 98% open rate guarantees that almost all the customers will read your text message. The email that fluctuates in the range of 25%-20% will be next nearest communication channel in terms of open rate. That makes it calm to guide text messages if you want to make sure that your communication doesn't go to waste.


Research has shown that most mobile phone owners use the SMS feature on a daily basis, and on average, 25-45 text messages are sent to individuals. That means that the SMS channel for exposure is perfect since clients use their mobile phones a lot. Your text message might be one of those 25-45 daily text messages, and your message could almost certainly be read.


If you just have started a new restaurant and running short on budget, SMS advertising then is an ideal tool you should go for. It is undoubtedly inexpensive and has the most affordable and competitive price on the market. The margin for a return you are expecting to get from your investment is very high, given how effective SMS marketing is, so the price is well worth it. Furthermore, restaurants do not require full marketing campaigns, unlike most companies (most cannot afford it without financially paralysing the company). All that is sometimes needed is some push for dry spells to overcome the hump. It is no wonder that marketing via text messages is utilized frequently by top restaurant franchises.

Outreach Worldwide

One reason why text message is so universal in marketing is that it can easily reach everyone around the globe. It can assist you to send text messages, regardless of your physical place, to almost anybody anywhere in the world. And because the major part of the population nowadays has mobile devices in their pockets, they are always available. Of course, in this context, it would make no sense to send text messages to individuals around the globe except your restaurant is a worldwide franchise. That's why you need a particular demographic destination — ideally located. That will help you attract the right number of customers as well as prevent spamming with irrelevant contents to your restaurant.

Messages Deliver Instantly

In the absence of some technical problems, SMS messages should be delivered with immediate effects with your bulk SMS provider. Moreover, up to 90% of text messages are read on average within 90 seconds of receipt. On the other hand, emails can be sent in a jiffy but let's not forget that they don't have an as high open rate as SMS messages.

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