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How to Find IMSI Number of Lost Phone?

Like IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment), IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity is a kind of unique code that is made to identify something. So, how to find IMSI number of lost phone?

But First, What is IMSI?

IMSI is preferred as code for mobile networks. IMSI is stranded with its SIM card. IMSI is 15 digits or shorter. By knowing IMSI, you can track the moves of the phone or shortly IMSI is a location tracker.

IMSI has three parts in the digits to identify. There are MCC, MNC and MSIN. MCC is a country code and MNC is an operator code. The rest is just another random number.

How to know the IMSI number?

Before knowing “How to find IMSI number of lost phone?”, you need to figure out your IMSI number first. The step to know your IMSI number depends on your phone. On androids, you can access it through “Settings”. Then you click on “About” and see the status. The IMSI number will display on that.

You also can check your IMSI number through online by searching on some apps. Make sure that the app is trusted. Because the app will have access to your data phone.

You also can check IMSI with your carrier. The IMSI may be included in information that you have received when you activated the SIM card. It is also available to see through the carrier if you have lost your phone.

How to find IMSI number of lost phone?

There are a lot of ways. But you can use an IMSI tracker for the rescue. IMSI tracker can be used as tools for tracing location.

The answer to “how to find IMSI number of lost phone” is by finding it on a website. Or you can contact the network or providers you use to know it. It will require some identity proof and others.

The function of this device is a lot . Before you do number tracking, you need to know the answer for “what can I do with IMSI catcher?”.

How to Find IMSI Number of Lost Phone?

What is, and what can I do with IMSI catcher?

Every IMSI comes from MNO or Mobile Network Operator which allow the device to attach to the network. It depends on your agreement with other providers. If the agreement is not applied, you may pay the rates for the services you use or it is called “roaming”.

IMSI catcher used to track phone using IMSI. Similar with IMEI number tracking, IMSI catcher can be used for intercepting the traffic of target and tracing location. It is like a mobile tower that fakes between location of the target phone and the provider tower.

Somehow, this tool seems very dangerous. IMSI catcher acts like doing an attack on phone targets. Otherwise, you can prevent cyber-attacks by using IMSI catcher detector.

IMSI can be used on 3G, 4G and 5G connection. This device can downgrade the connection to a lower network. It does not require mutual authentication.

IMSI catcher is used in security fields. It is a very brilliant tool for catching criminals. Because the tools can track whatever sign that may be dangerous. Police and other state security officers can legally use the tools because of this special purpose.

As civilians, you also can use these tools. But before you decide to buy or bye this product, you need to know what you can do about this device.

1. Intercepting Communication

IMSI catcher can read the traffic of your phone, such as phone calls and text messages. The connection of the target has to be created in IMSI catcher radius. The users of IMSI catcher can see every message and calls that are sent and received on the target device.

Intercepting communication like this, commonly only used by professionals. The security fields and Interpol are one of the users of this tool. You can imagine how it works by watching action movies that display the FBI when finding someone.

2. Data Extraction

IMSI number is a database of phone numbers. This function may be useful in marketing fields. It is because the database can be used for SMS broadcast.

The two functions above can be useful for you for professional needs. As users of the device, you need to use the data carefully. Because the privacy of the targets may be in your hand.

IMSI catcher is already available on the market. The price is above $7000. But can you imagine how many SMS broadcasts you will send if you have this device? A lot.

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