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What is Interceptor Device?

Interceptor device is a tool that allows a phone to be intercepted with the base station passively. The operator of this monitoring system can listen to the sound that surrounds it. It is still possible even if the target does not use their own phone.

After knowing the answer of “what is interceptor device?”, you need to know that interceptor devices are for public purchase nowadays. This system is portable and allows you to intercept in the unknown environment and undetected without software. Great interceptor device can start operating in a few minutes.

Answers to “What is Interceptor Device?”

Millions of people use such a monitoring system for many special purposes. The system is designed to develop marketing, security and many more fields. Some may call this device a spy cellular.

This device is commonly used for security purposes. Someone who is in charge of handling this device can see text messages of people who connect with the device. This person will know about the phone calls too.

What is GSM interceptor?

Same as the name, GSM Interceptor are used for collecting data from GSM connections. By intercepting the connection, the tools can collect phone numbers or other data from the phone. This tool allows you to capture data of phones if it is already active.

GSM interceptions are very useful for SMS marketing because they allow collecting data in bulk. Besides SMS marketing, the data can be used for other purposes. So users must use the tool responsibly.

Interceptor device is a third party who allows accessing information with no consent of the phone users. The opportunity of an interceptor to be very dangerous is quite large. So the users of this device should be the one who has the rights.

How GSM can be intercepted?

If the “what is interceptor device?” already has an answer. You probably think about what connection that may be intercepted? Is it just 4G or what else? Here is the answer.

Data in the phone travels over the GSM network. Passive interception may be operated by tuning the base station. It will receive the signal from the phone and the base station. These passive intercepts are made between the base station and the phone.

When an intercepted device is detecting a GSM network, the device will absorb the network. This process will make interceptors as new transmitters. The fact is, GSM Interceptor can read data when the phone is having GSM connection.

And like the GSM network, the interceptor device can be used for other connections. The intercept process is likely similar. And the purposes of using it are likely the same too.

An interceptor device usually only has a 2 – 3 km radius, depending on the features of it. So you can not intercept phones that are located across the town. The phone needs to be close within the radius from the device.

Can someone intercept your call?

Yes. Someone who hands this device may know what you have discussed with your friend on the phone. The users of the interceptor device also can record your conversation.

But you can take a deep breath because not everyone has an interceptor device. Most of the users are company or state officers that have special purposes. So you can relax a bit.

Police are one of the officers that handle this device. Police can use interceptor devices legally against criminals. These tools are really important for the security field.

Can someone see my text messages?

Yes. Same as phone calls, text messages are one of the data that an interceptor device can read. However, getting the tools isn’t easy. It is already on the market, but the price is quite expensive so not ordinary people with no special purpose will purchase this.

After answering the “What is interceptor device?”, you should know that there are many types of it. It can be GSM, 3G until 5G interceptor. It depends on what connection you want to intercept.

Whst is interceptor device?

How to Get Interceptor Device?

GSM Interceptor equipment is available on the market nowadays. Hitech Phone Number Catcher is one of the types of it. Hitech Phone Number Catcher allows you to catch phone numbers in your area.

Interceptor devices may let you have IMEI and IMSI numbers of the phone within 2 km. The price of this device is around $7,000 based on the type. Buy yours and start intercepting for your business.