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What Is An Emergency Message? How to Activate it on Mobile?

Have you ever received a message about a certain emergency? Then, what is an emergency message? How a system can work to make many people get the same message notification? There will be lots of things that you must know about the emergency message.

This mass broadcast service can be done via direct mobile message, email, or other forms of alert notification. The content of the messages contained contains some terrible stuff, ranging from extreme weather warnings, missing persons, crimes, forest fires, or natural disaster warnings.

What Is An Emergency Message?

An emergency message is a notification that contains a threat warning. The notification is sent by certain authorized parties to the targeted mobile phone. The purpose of the emergency message is to invite the community to anticipate several threats that occur so that their conditions can remain safe.

For example, if an area experiences extreme weather or storms, they will receive a warning to stay indoors. The targeted phones are those who are in a dangerous area.

Emergency messages cannot be notified and sent arbitrarily, but if something dangerous happens to health, life, or property. People can receive emergency messages if they want. If so far you have never activated it on your cellphone, you can start now.

How Do I Get Emergency Alerts On My Phone?

How do I get emergency messages? Some people are still confused about how to get emergency messages on their cell phones. However this message sounds horrifying with a loud annoying tone, so it can attract the attention of many people.

If you want to activate emergency messages, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the messaging app menu.

  • Select the "Emergency alert settings" option.

  • Activate emergency alerts based on your need (the types will be discussed below).

  • You can set several things including vibration and tone.

What are the Types of Emergency Alerts?

There are still lots of explanations about what is an emergency message, including the types. Generally, you can receive several types of emergency alerts. The frequency depends on how bad something happened.

There are four types of emergency messages based on the level of danger, ranging from a high level of danger to a light level of danger.

1. Presidential Alerts

This type of warning has a high level of danger and includes extreme. As the name suggests, you will receive this type of warning directly as a form of a warning from the office of the President of the United States.

2. America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response (AMBER)

Alerts to notify missing children are known as AMBER alerts. This type of warning contains a description of the missing child, the scene of the crime, to the characteristics of the vehicle including the plate number.

3. Extreme Threats

Extreme threats are aimed directly at you to notify several dangerous threats that are coming. Some examples are natural disasters such as tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, or personal matters that include your condition.

4. Severe Threats

If the extreme threat is accompanied by a recommendation or order to evacuate, the type of severe threat is classified as lighter. The form of danger can be in the form of natural disasters, but not a serious warning.

You can enable or disable some of the threat warnings above via cell broadcasting settings. Belonging if you want to activate the vibration on your phone or not.

what is an emergency message

How Does Emergency Alert System Work?

Then, how the emergency message system works? The Emergency Alert System also called EAS is a system that can disclose certain types of danger to Americans. The time required is relatively short.

There are several things you need to know about the emergency warning system, as follows:

  • Emergency messages can cover a wide geographic area.

  • Messages are supported in a wide variety of formats, including audio, screenshots, and more.

  • Policies based on the stations. However, the party sending the EAS must relate to the type of broadcasting whether TV, radio, or cable so that the information is clear according to the policies applied.

There are several advantages when the authorities provide the emergency notification. This form of notification can be sent in a variety of formats, ranging from text, email, screenshots, to voice messages. Besides, messages can also be sent quickly.

So, have you concluded what is an emergency message? It is an important notification to anticipate society from various forms of danger.

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