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How To Increase Blog Visitors Traffic To Get Successful In Digital Marketing Strategy

How to increase blog visitors is a common question for beginners. The presence of visitors or tourist visits is useful for a Blogger. A managed blog will be meaningless if it does not have visitors.

How Can I Increase Traffic To My Blog For Free?

Actually, if you think smart, there are many ways to increase blog traffic, from free to paid. Like the paid ones, such as by doing advertisements on Facebook or Google, bringing in visitors from paid content placements, or others.

But forget about that for a moment, don't let your pockets drain just to fulfill the desire to get blog visitors. If you can get it for free, why pay for it? The following are five answer to how to increase blog visitors freely:

1. Doing BlogWalking

Blogwalking is the behavior of visiting other blogs that are still related to the content of our blog content, and leaving relevant comments.

You can take advantage of the comments column found on other people's blogs to increase our blog visitors. Obviously, it would be a disgrace if you didn't.