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How To Make Link Shorter Using Online Platform

Updated: 5 days ago

When you share a piece of content or an online media, have you ever been bothered by a very long url link? Usually this happens when you want to send a piece of content or a post on a text messaging platform, then when you copy the link you want to send, a long link appears, which can be distracting and confusing. The good news, now you can avoid it. In this discussion, we will show how to make link shorter in an easy way.

The discussion on how to make link shorter may be very useful for those of you who want to attach your portfolio link or social media account link to your CV or personal document. This will make the display of the link much neater and easier to see.

How Do I Shorten A Link Length?

how to make link shorter

To change the link to a shorter one, some platforms will sometimes give you a direct feature that allows you to do this. For example, platforms like Google Forms provide you with the option to use shorter links when you want to share forms to carry out your survey.

Besides Google Forms, there are also many other platforms that have this feature. So, if you want to make the url link that you share shorter, you can search first, whether on the platform you are using this feature is available or not.

Of course, the features that are available directly will be very helpful and make it easier for users from the platform to share content from the platform. So we can hope that in the future the majority of the platform can bring this feature on their platform.

How Do I Shorten A Link Length?

However, if the platform you are using does not provide a feature to automatically shorten links, you can listen to the discussion on how to make link shorter below. To do this, you can use the help of various services or platforms available online.

There are many platforms that specifically provide services to make links and become shorter. The following are some of the best url shortener platforms that are most recommended for you:

Using this platform is also relatively easy. You just have to open this platform, then follow the instructions listed on each platform. Each platform may have different processes and stages to be able to shorten your link. However, the majority of these platforms can shorten your link just by copying your link.

So you just open this platform, copy the link you want to shorten, start the shorten process with the button listed, and voila, the link you copied earlier will immediately appear with the short version.

There are still many other platform scales that can help you to shorten the link that has not been mentioned above. You can research and find out for yourself which is the best platform you want to use.

Can You Shorten A Website Link?

You can shorten any kind of link you want. Starting from website links, social media link profiles, business links, and many others. All types of links that you want to shorten can be shortened by using the online platform mentioned above to shorten link free.

Not only to shorten the link length, some platforms also provide a feature to allow you to customize your own link. So you can determine for yourself what description is displayed on the link that you want to share later.

Of course, this feature will be very useful for those of you who use links with clear descriptions, to provide information to the recipients of the links you share about what content they can expect when they click on your link.

This feature can also be very useful for business needs so that your business link looks more professional and credible. In addition, this feature will also make it easier for users to share one link with another, which is very useful when you are doing online research on topics for specific needs such as school assignments.

This was a brief discussion on how to make a link shorter. If you are interested in sharing tips on using social media, technological tools, or information about the business world as a whole, you can see further information on our website.

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