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How to Make Link Whatsapp For Your Profile

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Want to share your Whatsapp profile easily? You can share your profile not only by providing your phone number, but also using a link that will make it easier for others to enter your WhatsApp contacts into their WhatsApp account. In this discussion, we will discuss how to make link Whatsapp to share your profile easily.

The use of links is much more preferred to make it easier for other people to directly access the message room to send you messages, without the need to add your WhatsApp number to their contacts first. Check out the further discussion regarding the link to use your Whatsapp, how to make link Whatsapp below.

What Link Whatsapp Used for?

How to Make Link Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications and is widely used in various parts of the world. In countries such as Southeast Asia itself, Whatsapp has been used for messaging needs, both for non-formal and professional needs. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to make link Whatsapp to make your WhatsApp use more effective and easy.

When we want to have a new chat or send a message to new people who are not in our previous contacts, then we have to add them to the contacts in our internal phonebook first. Sometimes there are so many situations where you need to be able to message someone quickly, so the process of adding contacts to the phonebook is a bit of a drag.

In addition, for businesses, usually people will be too lazy to add your contacts first when they want to contact your business, so this may significantly affect the conversion rate.

That's why, Whatsapp links are used as one of the most effective ways to be able to directly message people whose contacts we don't need to save first. You just click the link, then you will be immediately taken to the chat room with the contact. To make it easier for people to contact you, you can put this link on various social media accounts or share it as your contact information.

How to Create A WhatsApp link?

Now we get to the core of the discussion, how to make link Whatsapp in an easy and beginner friendly way. To create a link that is directly connected to your Whatsapp account, you don't need an external application. You can do this with the features that WhatsApp itself has provided, whether your account is a professional business account or a personal one.

You just need to use the template from the WhatsApp link that is already available. If you want to link a link to your whatsapp account, then you just need to add your number behind this link template: number). So for example if your number is +62 08312383213821, then you just change the template to:

Notice also that you do not need to add your country code number, punctuation in the form of hyphens or spaces, or other elements in your phone number. Just copy and paste your phone number as it is, then the link will be directly connected to your account when people click on the number.

If your account is a business account, Whatsapp has provided a special business link for your account. You can see this business whatsapp link directly in the profile section of your business account, and all you have to do is copy it.

How to Generate A Link for WhatsApp Online?

If you don't want the hassle of copying your own number and changing the link template, or if you encounter an error when creating your own link, you can always use the help of various online platforms. There are lots of online platforms that not only provide information on how to make Whatsapp links, but also give you direct assistance to generate your own link which is guaranteed to be error-free and easy to do.

You just need to search for "Whatsapp link generator" on Google or your search engine. Later, several platforms will appear as your choice, you just have to choose one of them and follow the steps listed on the platform.

But still remember to always ensure the credibility of the platform first. Some platforms may take data in the form of your personal phone number and use it for needs that are detrimental to you.

This was a brief discussion about how to make link Whatsapp. Read more about tips for using your other social media more effectively on our website.

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