How to Transform One-Time Guests into Recurring Ones

Being a businessman, your main goal is to create customers. If you have just started your business, you will need to work hard and smart with a sense of urgency to attract your first customers. It is considered a hard and fast rule that you will spend 5-10 times more to win a new customer than you will do to keep hold of an existing one. Recurring clients, at the same time, can spend up to 65% more than somebody who stays with you for the very first time.

So what’s the major thing that separates successful businesses from those of unsuccessful ones? It’s recurring revenue, clearly.

If you have a steady flow of guests into your business, it will be easy to seek recurring revenue. Since vacation rental stays tend to be temporary, getting those repeat customers becomes difficult. A lot of businesses are unable to make the one-time customers return again, thus, getting closed after an ordinary experience of 4 to 5 years.

It’s time for you to turn your single stay customers into trustworthy ones. You would want to make it their best ever experience so they can be your brand ambassadors to tell their friends about you or maybe they themselves can consider coming back. But how can you tap into a long-term, healthy relationship with a one-time guest? SMS marketing can help.

Getting to Know Your Guests is the Key

This is a very basic and important step that you get to know your guests. If you and your staff can build a by-name relationship with the customers, it will go a long way, even if they are one-time visitors. Remembering their first name will help create a rapport while showing your guests that you pay attention to every detail.

When they are in the lobby, you can reach out to them and ask what they do for fun so you can offer them some suggestions about enjoyable things like concerts and memorable things like museums while they are in the town.

Similarly, when the guests are about to check-out, you can give them a business card of you or your front desk manager, with an invitation note to have direct contact with you or your manager if they would need a lodging option to stay in future.

Make Your Guests Feel Delighted About Your Brand

Your guests will be not just happy but delighted about your brand when they have an overall smooth experience, from booking to staying to checkout. When someone books with you, you can deliver them a booking reminder. Since guests arrive to relax, you need to focus on providing them with the most comfortable mattress and excellent service. It is, however, something which all organizations will tend to provide but going the extra mile is what you can do to turn your guests into loyal customers. For example, if it’s your guest’s birthday, you can upgrade their room, offer them a complimentary wake-up coffee, or treat them to a free spa treatment, etc.

Find an Appropriate Way to Keep In Touch With Them

When someone makes an online booking, your chances of directly marketing to them are limited. But if you can get their contact information during their stay, you can easily stay in touch with them and keep them updated throughout the year. offers revolutionary technology SMS broadcast tools which can help you send the guests timely text updates about exciting promotions so they never miss a new deal. You can also conduct research or run surveys to find out the type of promotional offers people generally love to receive. This will make sure you’re doing it right with your deals and offers while encouraging people to see you again and again.

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