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Is IMSI IMEI Different?

Updated: Jan 28

IMEI number and IMSI number are 2 identification numbers that you can find on your cell phone or your phone number card. Is IMSI IMEI different? Yes, the leaves are 2 different numbers. Read more on the explanation of these two numbers here.

Is IMSI The Mobile Number?

IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity. This number is different from the usual telephone number. As the name implies, this number is a number that is used to identify a user who is connected to a GSM network.

When you are connected to a GSM network, the transmitter from that network will be able to see who or what devices are connected to the network it transmits. GSM networks will have identity data in the form of IMSI numbers as devices connected to their network.

This IMSI number consists of 15 digit numbers that can be used for various purposes. This number can be used as a tool to track a device if the electronic device is lost.

So, is the IMSI IMEI different? Yes, IMSI and IMEI are 2 different numbers. If IMSI is a device identification number in GSM, the IMEI number is a unique identity number that is owned by all cell phones.

IMSI IMEI Different
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What is My IMSI Number?

Many people still don't know their own IMSI number and also don't know how to find out the number. In fact, it is important for you to know your own IMSI number.

Your IMSI number is an important number that can be used for various things related to the identification of your device and also related to the GSM network. Therefore, make sure you know or record your own IMSI number.

Actually, you can find out your own IMSI number with a few simple steps, here are the steps:

  • Open your phone Settings. In this settings menu, you can not only manage or manage your cell phone, but you can also get various important information about your phone.

  • After opening the settings, ear for the "About Phone" option. There you can find various information about your phone, including your IMSI number.

What is Difference Between IMSI and TMSI?

After knowing whether IMSI IMEI different or not, you should also know that IMSI and TMSI are 2 different numbers, even though their function is the same.

TMSI stands for Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity. As you may have guessed, the TMSI number is a temporary number that is also used to identify a device on the GSM network.

The main difference between IMSI and TMSI is the validity period of the two numbers. A device will be purchased with the same IMSI number every time it is connected to a GSM network. So, the IMSI number is a patent identification number that will not change.

On the other hand, TMSI is a temporal number, so the validity period is only briefly or in certain networks. The IMSI number is always created for the convenience of identifying devices connected to a GSM network.

What is IMSI LTE?

LTE IMSI is the same thing as GSM IMSI and IMSI numbers are usually the same. IMSI numbers do have several designations that can be confusing for ordinary people, but all types of IMSI numbers must have the same function.

Some of the differences from the types of IMSI that exist in the community may only lie in where the number will be used for identification. Maybe some IMSI numbers can only be used on certain networks, so another new type is created.

IMSI IMEI Different
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What is PLMN LTE?

Public Land Mobile Network, or what is often referred to as PLMN, is a telecommunications system consisting of several wireless networks. This PLMN is provided by several service providers in certain countries.

The name PLMN may still be foreign to your mind. This PLMN is usually referred to as a cellular network, a term that is more widely used and also popular with the public.

Is IMSI IMEI different? You already know the answer. These two numbers are 2 different numbers. In addition, keep in mind that IMSI and TMSI are also 2 different numbers, even though they have the same function.

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