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What Should You Know About Information System Development

Updated: Jul 30

To develop a thing, a process is needed so that it can be in accordance with what is expected. This also applies to the manufacture of information systems. Of course, a complex information system cannot be created overnight without clear steps. To create a system that is structured and works well, it is necessary to have a well-executed information system development process.

The stages in this information system development include various very crucial stages, such as planning, design, analysis, and many others. Check out information about information system development in general in this article.

What are The 4 Types of Information Systems?

information system development

In all large organizations or corporations, information systems are something that must be considered properly. The information system discussed in this context is a discussion of how information must be used, managed, or analyzed according to its needs.

The design of this information system is very crucial because it will be directly related to how the bureaucratic system will work, how effective and fast decision making can be, how to increase the operating costs required in this area, or even how to optimize the use of existing resources.

But in this case, there are 4 types of information systems that you should know. These four types are interconnected and related to each other to form an information exchange connection.

  • The information system of low level workers

  • The information system of middle Managers

  • The information system of senior Managers

  • The information system of the executives

These 4 types of information systems are distinguished according to the groups in the organization, mainly based on hierarchical order. Different hierarchical sequences will also produce different functions, goals, and information systems in general.

What are The Various Steps in Information System Development?

If we have previously discussed mainly about information systems, now we have to be more specific to discuss information system development. So what is development in terms of this information system? It basically means developing, improving, or changing the information system used from the old to the new.

Information systems will not always be able to run perfectly and do their job well. Often, as the company or organization improves, the need for a much more sophisticated or effective information system will also increase. Therefore, this information system development can be done more than once to keep up with that needs.

But in the development process, of course there are processes or stages that must be passed first. The following are the stages in order:

  • The system survey

  • The analysis of needs

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Trial or testing

  • Change and maintenance

These six stages must be carried out so that the information system that will be used is in accordance with the needs and can also patch the shortcomings of the previous system, so that all the affairs that are carried out can be carried out effectively.

What Are The Components of The Information Systems Development?

Not only does it require 6 important stages, but the information system development process also requires several components that function to become the tools and figures that perform this development.

The components are basically divided into five, namely hardware, software, people, database, and the last is network. The development process will not be able to work perfectly and effectively if there are no these 6 components to support it.

Why Information System Development is Important?

Company, organization, business, or institution, all of them depend on the information system to run well. Information systems that are chaotic or not working properly will certainly directly hamper the performance of these agencies and even paralyze them.

Not only must it run well, but the system must also be in accordance with the needs of these agencies. Every organization or company will certainly need a different information system.

Even though they already have their own system, these agencies will definitely continue to change and the transformation becomes much more complex, so the information system must also be able to keep up with that.

For that information system development becomes a very important thing. This development functions so that the system can continue to carry out its functions properly.

That is some brief discussion on information system development. Also read other information about technologies, business, or social media on our website.

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