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4 Steps to Prepare An Introductory Call With Client 

One challenge every fresh engineer needs to face is having the first discussion with a paying client. This is challenging since fresh engineers want to make the first impression and prove themselves on the first project. Fresh engineers need to know how to make an introductory call with client.

What if clients ask a question and you have no idea what the answer is? What if clients can’t understand you because you’re now still working hard on your English skills? Many things should be considered but junior engineers can be ready if they know some tips to conquer this scary call.

Preparation To Make An Introductory Call with Client

So, there is information that there will be a call between you and the very first client you’ll ever face. What should you do so that you can be ready for this occasion? There are several steps you should take to prepare yourself before the call.

1. Review your client, project, and technologies

Before communicating with your client, you are going to get an opportunity to study the entire information about the project, including the industry, tech stack, team composition, and the existing codebase. This is your chance to win before you start a call with a client.

Review thoroughly every single aspect of the project. You should also prepare the answers and questions that may be discussed during the call. If there will be a technology your client uses that you have never touched before, look into it.

If you are unfamiliar with the industry of your client, learn about it. This is the most essential preparation step to take. Don’t blow it off or wait just to figure out essential details about the project during your introduction call to a new client.

introductory call with client

2. Familiarize yourself with experience and accomplishment

You should be able to recall your own fantastic work so that you will be ready when a client asks about your experience during the call. What can you do to be ready for some specific questions during the introductory call with client? Briefly go over some previous work before the call.

Make sure that you take notes about those works that are relevant to the upcoming project. This step is going to take 3 to 5 minutes and will save you from embarrassment. When you’re on a call with a client, your notes will make you sound professional when you explain your experience to a client.

3. Practice makes perfect

The best way to get comfortable for an intro call with a client is to do the call by rehearsing. It is essential to do some test runs, maybe with a friend you trust. Get advice and feedback so that you can be more prepared for difficult questions.

Also, you can even practice some prepared answers again and again until you can say the answers without much thought. This is extremely helpful, especially if you are very concerned about your English skills. A good friend is going to help you correct any mistakes before the actual call.

4. Make your own questions

It is very easy to forget that an introductory call with client is actually an interview for the client and for yourself. It is crucial to remember that the call is an opportunity for you to ask questions and dive deeper into some projects before the work begins.

Don’t just sit there and wait for your client to ask the entire question. You should also take the initiative and ask some inquiries of your own. This way, your client will see that you’re interested and proactive in learning about a project and will be an active team member.

Clients will appreciate someone who are asking questions early during the quick introductory call to avoid wasted resources/effort/time and miscommunication down the line. Also, it will be a lot easier to carry on conversations in foreign languages when you’re steering the conversations.

What To Do Before An Introductory Call?

Preparing yourself for an introductory call is a brilliant step. However, there’s also a crucial step to take before making an introductory call. It is promoting your ability, skills, and experience to gain new clients. How can you promote your business and skills?

SMS Broadcaster provides awesome tools you can use to broadcast details of your skills, your portfolio, and website links through text messages. This product will broadcast text messages to hundreds of people. When you find new clients, you’ll be ready for an introductory call with client.


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