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Is it Possible to Predict Earthquake Early?

An earthquake cannot be predicted in any proved manner. Geologists, however, are developing an earthquake early warning system, but much still needs to be done before an earthquake hits. One problem is that earthquakes do not behave consistently always; some signs happen at different times (days, weeks, or seconds before the occurrence), whereas those signs sometimes do not occur. Read on to know the potential indications of an earthquake and how to prepare if an earthquake happens.

Look at Earthquake Lights Report

Probably days or just a couple of seconds before, so many people saw weird lights on the floor or floating in the air before an earthquake. Though people were not understood entirely, the earthquake lights can be emitted from extremely stressed rocks. Earthquake light wasn't reported before the earthquakes and the time hasn't been consistent, but you might want to go over your earthquake preparation plan to make sure that your emergency survival kit is stored when you hear about mysterious lights or speak of UFO in your city or area.

Do Consider Animals’ Unusual Behavior

There are reports of livestock leaving home or breeding grounds just before an earthquake, from the toads to bees to birds and bears. It's not understandable why animals can sense a future happening, possibly due to electrical field changes or smaller tremors people can't feel. However, it may give you a head that something is about to happen by noticing strange behavior in your pet. For instance, before an earthquake, chickens might stop laying eggs. Catfish react violently to electrical field modifications that might take place before an earthquake. Besides, if there is an earthquake, dogs scream a lot and load.

Identify Foreshocks

Although pre-earthquakes may not always happen before an earthquake, and until after the fact, it is difficult to determine what earthquake is the initial quake. A most significant and another earthquake can take place if you experience one or several tiny earthquakes. As the extent of an earthquake or its magnitude cannot be predetermined - but when you feel the ground starts rolling, take appropriate steps to protect you against decaying debris, depending on where you are.

Sign Up for Alerts

Japan and Mexico are currently the only nations with early-warning systems (other countries, including the United States, are in the process of creating their systems). They can even provide only ten seconds of advance warning before an earthquake with systems in location. However, there are services, i.e. SMS broadcaster machine to send you text messages to alert you of natural or local disasters, including earthquakes.

These warning messages can provide you with emergency directions, including existing emergency shelters or evacuation paths. A warning system may be in place for your city, such sirens followed by an instruction. Make sure you know whether your city or town has a warning system of this kind. Note that this is no substitute for overall earthquake preparedness, and earthquakes can strike, particularly near fault lines or epicenter, without warning.

How to Get Prepared?

If an earthquake is occurring, chances are you will lose cell services and power too. Therefore, make sure you have access to medicines, food and clean water. Combining a survival kit will make sure that your family covers their basic needs if an earthquake happens. One of the most considerable risks of an earthquake is unstable buildings and the things inside them that are more than enough to crush everything. So, it makes your home far safer by attaching heavy furniture to the wall when an earthquake takes place. Moreover, make a proper plan for communication with your family and agree where you will meet when an emergency occurs. Memorize some significant phone numbers such as your parents' cell numbers and work numbers.

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