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Is SMS Marketing For You?

When it comes to the world of advertising, SMS marketing is a hidden gem (not really!). It’s fantastic – maybe even mysterious. It’s, however, not strange any more as SMS marketing is now a vital part of taking your business to the next level without even a lot of hassle. The primary reason is that so many of us use SMS on a daily basis regardless of the WhatsApp messenger or Facebook messenger.

Marketing your business through an SMS is as essential as social media or brochures. Here on this folio, we have listed down some key benefits that can strengthen your business in a short period.


Sending a text message to a customer doesn’t set you back a lot even if you send it to hundreds of thousands of people. It’s actually much more cost-effective as compared to other marketing options, i.e. posting an ad on Facebook. That is what which makes it an excellent choice for businesses, especially for those companies that have just commenced to find a way to start advertising at the lowest possible cost.


It’s mandatory to make your company or business mobile-friendly as everyone prefers doing their tasks on phones nowadays. The number of people is increasing more and more day by day who use their phones to do things like browsing and shopping. So, make sure you don’t lose out on such kind of exposure. Marketing your business through SMS is an important part of making your business mobile-friendly, and it can be a strong asset as well.

Higher Open Rate

One of the biggest advantages of marketing via SMS is that texts are opened around 98% of a time when a customer receives it. That makes SMS an open rate higher as compared to all other ways of advertising. Emails can land in a spam folder with ease (hence ignored), and a customer can easily toss away a flier he/she picks up at the shop. The text marketing, however, is not ignored – thanks to the prevalence of mobile phones and fame of texting. To cut it short, it’s an excellent way to reach your customers more consistently.

Super-fast Delivery

When it comes to sending SMS for business or other purposes, there is nearly no waiting time. You can be sure your customers will receive your SMS immediately after you have pressed the send button. The advantages of marketing through SMS shine because this type of advertising takes little time to prepare. No materials or prints are to be collected or waited for. There are no designs to be completed, neither people needed to contact.

All you need to do is to write an SMS and send it to your customers. And since we understand that text is more probable to open than e-mails, you can be sure that your customers will see all of your news as soon as possible.

Customizable and Flexible

One of the most important advantages in terms of SMS marketing is its versatility. You can combine and match the text messages to suit your company's needs. Announcing temporary discount, awarding faithful customers, promoting a fresh item, sharing news and more from SMS are possible with ease. All in all, it's an excellent tool for both small and large businesses.

You can Deliver Exclusivity

Last but undeniably not least, SMS subscribers can provide you with the powerful and responsible access to their particular world, their mobile phone as well as direct phone numbers. Make sure you use the right SMS broadcaster machine to make them feel exclusive and privileged and for that reason is the right place to get your SMS advertising machine.

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