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Online Marketing 101: All the Things You Should Know

If you don’t understand internet marketing, then you must read this article that will tell everything you must know about internet marketing. For example, such as the basics of internet marketing, the goals, and types of internet marketing, etc.

What is Meant by Online Marketing?

Internet marketing is a method to transmit a message through the internet about many things as a company's product or service to customers. This method is used for branding, increasing sales, promoting, and influencing people to buy your product or service.

You must note that the use of the Internet in Indonesia is quite large and very active to support various daily needs. So, if you want your business to survive and thrive, you have to change your marketing strategy, from traditional marketing to internet marketing or digital marketing.

The Difference of Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing

There are two types of new marketing: digital marketing and internet marketing. These two things are totally different. Internet marketing is a strategy to promote your product or service through the internet.

Digital marketing is a product or service marketing strategy that reaches customers quickly, accurately, and personally, through digital media and the internet. In other words, internet marketing is included in the application of digital marketing and digital media has a wider reach than the internet.

How Can I Do Marketing?

There are many ways for your business to start doing internet marketing. Whether it's starting with yourself or hiring a third party that has experience with internet marketing.

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7 Types of Internet Marketing

“What is The Best Online Marketing?”, there is nothing like that. You just have to find the right type of internet marketing to boost your customers and companies. So, there are 7 types of internet marketing that you should know.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy to promote or advertise other companies' products or services. Usually, this marketing does promotion through blogs, videos, or displays ads on your website.

2. Content Marketing

This marketing strategy focuses on communicating with customers, rather than selling products or services. You should note that this marketing strategy will provide content that entertains, educates, or provides value to customers on a consistent basis in order to attract and retain a specific desired audience.

Mostly the content includes virtually any information format disseminated online such as blogs, podcasts, videos, social media posts, and many more.

3. Email Marketing

If you want a specially targeted customer, then email marketing is all that you need. You must note that you can use newsletters, ads, or reminders for promoting your business through email.

4. Influencer Marketing

An influencer is an individual or group of people that has many followers on their social media. To use this marketing strategy, you should find influencers who have the same values in your company or product.

5. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

This marketing strategy works by placing links in search engine sponsorships for certain keywords and phrases. Then, you should offer the highest money among others for your ad to appear when users type that keyword into the search bar.

6. Search Engine Optimization

How to do SEO marketing strategy? You should adjust certain elements on your website and give the best overall experience for visitors, so it meets Google’s requirements and satisfies your customer.

7. Social Media Marketing

This marketing strategy is not used to increase your companies’ sales. Instead, it will increase your engagement with customers and build links that will create attention and your business become a reputable brand.

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What are The Advantages of Online Marketing?

There are some advantages of using internet marketing for your business such as growing your business faster with a broader range of customer and marketing elements and tracking the number of average session duration, click on an ad, unique visitors, and so forth.

You already know what is internet marketing and the seven types of internet marketing strategies, so now it is time to put them on your notes and start work for your company. You can decide what type of online marketing will fit your business to growing and increase your income.

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