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Free Online SMS Service For Marketing Strategy

Online SMS Service is a service provided online to send SMS to all operators in Indonesia or abroad like Canada and UK. Some of you may rarely send SMS, because of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Google Duo, BBM, LINE or others.

Online Free SMS Services

Sending short messages via SMS can be done without credit fees. You can use apps that allow you to send free SMS to friends or family. There is a free Online SMS Service that supports you to send SMS.

This may be due to the cost of a new number which is also getting more expensive. Imagine if you send an SMS once, the tariff is Rp250 then if you send 10 SMS then the cost to be incurred is Rp2,500. But now there is a free SMS sending service online from the internet.

There are several free SMS services on the Internet that can be used today, namely:

With the above