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Free Online SMS Service For Marketing Strategy

Online SMS Service is a service provided online to send SMS to all operators in Indonesia or abroad like Canada and UK. Some of you may rarely send SMS, because of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Google Duo, BBM, LINE or others.

Online Free SMS Services

Sending short messages via SMS can be done without credit fees. You can use apps that allow you to send free SMS to friends or family. There is a free Online SMS Service that supports you to send SMS.

This may be due to the cost of a new number which is also getting more expensive. Imagine if you send an SMS once, the tariff is Rp250 then if you send 10 SMS then the cost to be incurred is Rp2,500. But now there is a free SMS sending service online from the internet.

There are several free SMS services on the Internet that can be used today, namely:

With the above website you can send free sms to all operators in Indonesia. Your credit will not be reduced because the sms is done via the internet. Sending SMS online via the internet applies to all operators. Besides that you can use it easily.

Online SMS Service
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If you are searching the tools to send broadcast SMS for marketing purposes, there is Hitech Terminal Auto that supports sending SMS with 318 characters and it has speed up to 20.000 SMS / hour with the radius up to 300m - 2km.

This Hitech Terminal Auto also supports multiple access and is equipped with multiple operators and ARFCN with auto switch operator. You can get free sms with Hitech Terminal Auto because it is Wi-Fi Built-in and 100% free. This tool is also portable to mobile and can be carried everywhere you go.

How to Get Free SMS Online?

There are two ways that can be done to send free Online SMS Service, namely through online sites that can be accessed via PCs and applications. You can choose all the ways to send a SMS message according to your individual needs.

1. Free SMS Via PC Online Site

The first way to send SMS without charge is through an online site that can be accessed on a PC. There is an online site that specifically provides free online SMS sending services to users which is valid for all operators.

2. Send Free Messages Through Apps

In addition to sending SMS online, the second way is through the free SMS application available on the Google Play Store. There are applications that provide free messaging services to smartphone users, especially Android users.

How to send free SMS via Android apps?

If you use a smartphone with Android, you can download the “Free SMS All over Indonesia” application available on the Google Play Store. After that you can install the application and login from that.

After that, write down the phone number and the message you want to send. Next you are asked to write down the result of the sum and then click “Send SMS” which is located at the bottom of the application screen.

Wait for a moment. Later the destination number will get a message from your application. By using this application, you don't need to purchase the message. It's totally free. But it's only for Android users.

Online SMS Service
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The Benefit Using Hitech Terminal Auto

Above all, if you purchase Hitech Terminal Auto, you will get many benefits. This tool is the most recent innovation for promoting and it can send SMS continuously to dynamic cell phones that are around you with practically no credit, meaning 100% Free.

You don't need to download the application and install it. Hitech Terminal Auto is easy to use. This incredible Hitech Terminal gadget utilizes the base station innovation and it can distinguish cell phones that are dynamic around it and can straightforwardly send SMS by means of frequencies sent straightforwardly from this gadget.

So you don't send SMS by the administrator however your SMS is straightforwardly communicated through the recurrence transmitted from this gadget. Hitech Terminal Auto will make your advertising strategy more easily.

This SMS Broadcaster can ship off all administrators consequently without clicking anything and without registration. For further detailed information you can visit our website.

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